Thursday, 28 January 2010

Favourite Cheek Products

I keep meaning to do this post but never quite get around to it.

I love cheek products and I think they’re probably the product I need the most (apart from foundation and mascara but that’s the basics) I change blusher every day, usually depending on my mood. However for some reason I don’t have a huge amount compared to the rest of my collection. To me a good blushers is one with a decent pigmentation, that is easy to blend and most importantly do not have to much shimmer.

There are two which I would say are my absolute favourite, Benefit Coralista and Barry M Natural dazzle.
Benefit coralista is an amazing blusher and I love love love it! It is a natural peachy colour with a very subtle and pretty glow to it. I think this would complement any skin tone, unless very dark. The downside to this blush is the price tag at a very expensive £22.50, the packaging is okay but of course the card board box does get a little battered. I cannot recommend this highly enough, I also really want to try benefit sugarbomb.
When I first received Barry M natural dazzle I was very scared, I am was use to lighter and more shimmery bronzers but in fact this one is so much nicer! It has quite red undertones and not orange. Applied with a smaller brush this bronzer is perfect for contouring and at £9 it’s a real bargain. I use it almost every day and still haven’t hit pan after 5 months, it is very pigmented so a little bit goes a long way. I really want to try a few Barry M blushers any recommendations?
Mac well dressed is one of two Mac blushers that I have, it is a perfect pink, not to dark or too bright. It is perfect doll like pink with a blue undertone, which will add a natural rosy flush to cheeks, defiantly a must have in a Mac starter kit. I really want to try dolly mix and pink swoon from Mac next.
NYX angel was very inexpensive at only $5 the down side is that people living in the U.K must order them from America. This is quite similar to Mac Well Dressed although not the same, it is a soft pink with a matte finish and brown undertones, it works well with almost any eye shadow and lipstick. This blush blends really well and I can’t wait to try some more NYX blushers, any colour recommendations?

What are your favourite blushers? I am looking to try some Drugstore ones if you have any recommendations.

Have you tried any of my favourites?

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  1. This is so weird- I am just writing a post on my blushes!! I have blushes by Mac, elf, Benefit, The body shop, Rimmel and a few more. I really like my Mac Well dressed too (the one on my blog sale is just a dupe, I could never part with it completely!!) I also love peahykeen.. I would recommend elf for a cheap but good blush. I use my Mellow Mauve from the studio line quite a bit. Keep an eye out for my post! :)

    P.s. love your vid today!

  2. I love Natural Collection's Pink Cloud, only about £2 and it's a really pretty pink xxx

  3. I really recommend 'china pink' from 17 at boots, such a gorgeous pink and its around £3.50 amazing value - i have nearly finished mine so may have to repurchase!
    Great post chick - i need to get well dressed!

  4. I want to try Coralista so bad, I just can't bring myself to part with the £22.50 for it.

    My favourite but is a MSF from MAC in Smooth Merge

  5. I've just bought Coralista and cant wait to try it!! xxx

  6. Ahh I've seen so many posts raving about Coralista I have simply GOT to have it now!! xx

  7. Barry M blushers are great. I only own number 6, I thought it was the most wearable from the bunch as the rest are really bright. It looks dark in the packaging but on it looks lovely. It's really long lasting too. Just wondering, where did you order NYX from?xXx

  8. Coralista is my favourite too, I wear it everyday, but like you, I want to try Sugarbomb now! Don't you think Coralista smells lovely too?!x

  9. The NYX blusher looks really nice, I've been meaning to try their products for ages and this is definitely going on my wish list x

  10. Coralista looks gorgeous! xo

  11. Oooh, I love MAC's well dressed. Great post! :) I don't usually tend to wear much blush but my favourite bronzer is "Matte Bronze" from MAC. Followed. xxx