Sunday, 31 January 2010

Mac Modesty L/S and NYX Thalia L/S

I finally bought a Mac lipstick that I really like, and one I didn’t just buy because everyone on YouTube or in the blogging community has it.
The Mac lipstick in modesty is a neutral pink in cremesheen formula. It is a ‘my lips but better’ sort of colour. It is a perfect colour for day or night; it is a very creamy consistency and not drying. This is defiantly a lipstick I need in my collection, its neutral rather than nude so it offers a non offensive colour without washing me out. I feel this would be perfect on all skin tones, and defiantly a favourite.
However if you feel Mac lipsticks are just too expensive, this is very similar to Thalia by NYX. This lipstick is slightly darker that Mac Modesty and has more of a brown undertone, they are both creamy but this does last less on the lips than the Mac lipstick. After doing some research on makeup alley I have found that many people think that it tastes of soap, in my experience I haven’t really had that problem, but maybe this is because I am not a sensitive to smells.
Have you tried either of these lipsticks before? What’s your ‘my lips but better’ lipstick?
Sabrina X

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  1. i'm soo glad you like modesty
    i just couldn't get it to work for me :(
    great post!

  2. I like modesty lippie. But the colour I think best represents my 'lips but better' is Creme Cup by MAC. Again i think that is a cremesheen formula and is spot on to my lip colour. Its a nice lippie to wear when you dont want that obvious 'im wearing lipstick' look!

  3. Modesty looks very pretty. Like th above poster, 'my lips but better' lipstick is Mac's Creme Cup xx

  4. Modesty looks very pretty. I like Mac's 'Creme Cup' like the above poster! xx

  5. Both colours are rather pretty ... loving the mac modesty one :)

    Lots of love,

  6. Wow what a fab dupe. I cant believe how good NYX lipsticks are for the price. I've got YSL ones and I actually prefer NYX to them.

  7. I've never even noticed Modesty before! I will definitely have a closer look next time I am in Mac, thank you :) xx