Saturday, 23 January 2010

Sleek Palettes, Reviews and Swatches

When I was younger a lot of my friends were using sleek, and I never thought it was any good. However they defiantly have quite a few gems on their stand, one of them being their palettes.
Highly pigmented, long lasting, inexpensive and with a decent selection, at £4.99 for all this great qualities I think they are a great buy! The palettes include both matt and shimmery shadows, and all include one matt black.
The original palettes is the first one I bought (sorry I have no swatches) it is very pretty all colours are shimmery, and the range of colours is great.
This one is the Sunset palette, which I really like, although it can be hard to wear reds and pinks without looking tired, the different tone means there is defiantly one for you, and there is even a blue perfect for lining the water line.

Sorry the above swatches don't look great!
This is my favourite, the Storm palette; this is a great palette for people like me who wear boring old neutral colours every day. The blues and greens are even dark enough to not draw very much attention and are still quite neutral.

The acid palette has amazing, bright, neon colours as well as some more wearable ones. It has a perfect balance between matt and shimmery colours, great palette if you are a little more daring with your eye makeup

I would love the Graphite palette, but sadly I believe it has been discontinuedL
Highly recommend these palettes, available at Superdrug and on the sleek-makeup website.

Have you got any? What do you think of them?
Sabrina X

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  1. I want some Sleek palettes.

    I'll be glad when they ship to the U.S.
    Seems like it's taking forever though! lol :/

  2. I have the acid palette and absolutely adore it!

  3. I really wish our drugstores would bring in sleek, I would really like to see these colours in person!

  4. I have the storm sleek palette and i love it (: they last ages and blend easily. I picked this palette cus it has the most wearable colours, but yeah i really wanted the graphite one :(

  5. I have the sunset one & love it, think they are so good for the money & they are lovely. I wanna get the orginal at some point soon too

  6. I love the storm palette, its perfect for everyday and all the colours are so wearable. Wish they still sold the graphite one though x

  7. awww the colors are so bold n bright!
    me want some

  8. i've oredered 1..looking forward to it..
    i think i defo want the acid palette next..looks fun!
    i agree..when i was younger..i didn't think much of the brand.

  9. OOO I have been trying to get my hands on one of these bad boys forever, but like Rai said they dont ship to the U.S. Anyone know how I can get my hands on one of these!?!?

  10. Oh my gosh! I want those palettes so badly. :(

  11. Nearly one year ago I posted on your Original palette. I wanted to have them all but it was impossible to get them as I live in Germany. Thanks to you and some other British bloggers and youtubers (you are really bad girls *g*) I yearned for getting hand on Sleek MU. Meanwhile I have all palettes and I'm very happy about them. Thanks so much for havin infected me with the Sleek virus! This time I can help you with regard to the Graphite palette: You can order it at
    It's a Dutch shop owned by dear Alice who's 100 % reliable. So, it's still possible for you to have the Graphite one. :-)

  12. Almost 2 years late but thanks for the swatches. Very useful :) xx