Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Barbara Daly @ Tesco Nail Polish

Is it just me or is it almost impossible to not buy makeup whilst food shopping? I have tried a few Asda nail polishes so this time I thought I would try the Tesco Barbara Daly range.
I picked up two nail polishes, one in neon pink and the other in salsa for £4 as they were on offer, I think they usually retail for £3 each. The packaging is nice, but nothing special the only problem I found with this product was that the top was short and made it a little uncomfortable to hold. It comes with only 7ml which is quite a small bottle.

I have only tried neon pink so this review will be based on that one. The colour is really nice bright colour as the name would suggest with no shimmer however it is almost coral rather that a true pink. It applied really well and I needed two coats but I think some people’s nails would only need one. The colour stayed glossy for 3 days + and it didn’t chip at all however the tips of my nails did begin to wear off which is normal of most nail polishes.
Picture is after three days of wear.

I quite like these and would buy some more, I think the quality and the price are both really good.

For a list of stockists click here

Have you tired any products form Barbara Daly?
Sabrina X

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  1. Wow, if this is after 3 days wear then this is really good value! I'll be popping down to Tesco to try one out! :) Thanks x

  2. I love that color. I had a la colors one that looked almost like that and i finished it over the summer in south africa :)

  3. i have never heard of this brand since I live in NY but that's a very pretty color. great for summer :)

  4. I love the pink one, I dont' think we have this brand where I am though.



  5. i love the pink. i don't think this is available where i am though =(



  6. Ooh, when I last had a look at the range in my local Tesco it seemed quite neutral and safe, maybe more aimed at older women, they must have had a shipment of more fun colours!
    I've tagged you here!

  7. i love that colour, its gorgeous :)
    i nominated you for an award on my blog aswel :) xx