Tuesday, 16 March 2010

ELF Warm Bronzer

I was very excited to get this warm bronzer as I had heard great things, however this product really isn't for me.

At first glance it looks lovely different shades of browns and a pink with only a little bit of shimmer.
The price is great at only £3.50 of the ELF website and the packaging is also quite nice.
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But in reality I found that this bronzer didn't have an amazing payoff and it isn't the colour I expected. Of course these colours can be used separately but I haven't really tried them like that.
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I found that this bronzer is a gold colour which really doesn't complement my pale skin (I'm NW20-25 in Mac) it leaves an ugly sheer gold and all the shimmer just highlights my pores.

I will be trying this again in the summer when I'm a little more tanned maybe my review then would be more positive, but at the moment I really dislike this bronzer.

I do feel that this would work for others who have a medium skin tone and are after a golden glow and like aren't scared of shimmer.

Have you tried this? What did you think?

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  1. I quite like mine (its actually 90% finished!) lol
    I used it when i was in Cape Town for summer but mostly on my cheekbones not really all over as it also highlighted my pores on my forehead so didnt put it there! :P

  2. I have the cool bronzer which has no shimmer and mainly use it as a contour which I like loads x

  3. I love the golden bronzer I think its called? Its a lighter colour but still looks amazing and can be used as a great highlighter or if you want a slightly bronzed look! I am way to pale for the warm bronzer at the moment, I have it too, but I will use it in the middle of summer! Speaking of which... I am off to tan myself! :p xx

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