Monday, 22 March 2010

How to revise

(Sorry to those who this information isn't important) It’s got to that time of the year where everyone in university or college is starting to think about revising including myself and here are a few of my tips…

Start by clearing you desk, you want a neat big space where you will be comfortable to revise for hours each day.

Organise your books and folders so they are easy to use and you know where everything is.
Buy stationary including pens, paper, post it notes and flash cards, highlighters depending on how you like to revise.

Plan what you are going to revise each day, know not only the subject and topic but also what you want to have learnt by the end of the section.

Depending on the type of learner you are highlight your books, record your voice on to your phone and play it back, draw images and spider diagrams (mind map) or make up rhymes.
Learn the key terms for each subject this often gets you higher marks.

Never end a session on a problem this will make you reluctant to start revising the next time.
Take breaks and spread your revision out throughout the day.

Practice exam technique; know how you have to answer the questions and what you must include in your essay.

"Remember we learn:
10 percent of what we read;
20 percent of what we hear;
30 percent of what we both see and hear;
50 percent of what we discussed with others;
80 percent of what we experience personally;
95 percent of what we teach to someone else.
---William Glasser"

This is purely my opinion, what are your revision tips?
Good Luck!

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  1. Great post hun :)
    I have my an exam 2moro :( blah! I hate revising, speshly when my college is shit and its hardly revising, its learning from the start!
    I find writing things down help me & then being tested when I 'think' I get it

  2. This brings back bad memories! I was useless, I only used to revise the night before, and that just meant memorising pages and pages of notes. I just read it, repeated it in my head then wrote it down. The most basic and boring way to revise! It seemed to work though, I never got less than a B. Good luck x

  3. my best tip is to go to the library and find somewhere free of distractions and free of a computer if you're a procrastinator.

    goodluck on your exams. I know I've been trying to stay away from blogspot as much as possible myself to study.


  4. :) Awesome post, and really relevant at this time of year. I suck at revision haha. So thanks for the tips :)
    And I hope you do well in your exams too.

  5. Really good post! I tend to revise by reading over something, then talking aloud to myself! Strange, but seems to work xx

  6. this is such a good post
    it's really got my in the mood to revise!

  7. Great post. I've forgotten what it's like to revise, having not been at school for nearly 10 years (eek!) but now I'm back at college I'm having to do it this year. Pretty picture too. x

  8. Great post! I love studying tips posts in beauty/fashion blogs, it's weird but I like it!!
    Theat picture is so lovely... It makes me want to go and start studying right now. I think it is so inspirational!!

  9. I used to make a big memory board of facts and keep looking at it. I also used to record things on my ipod and listen to it when travelling ect :) hope this helps!xx

  10. Thank you, this is a really useful post! I'd better get revising :D