Saturday, 13 March 2010

Mac Palette

I like my Mac palette simply because I can store 15 eyeshadows in a nice easy to store palette, however my mac palette doesn't included just Mac eyeshadows.
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I also store my Body Shop and ELF eyeshadows in here as they are the perfect size, I think I will always have a Mac palette for eyeshadows which are not Mac.

My favourite Mac eyeshadow that I own is 'Naked Lunch' as an all over lid colour, but I really need to buy a few Mac eyeshadows which are not neutral.

Do you only keep Mac eyeshadows in your palette?
What Mac shade would you recommend?

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. I keep Urban Decay shadows in my MAC palette as well as MAC shadows.
    I recommend Humid (deep green), Stars N Rockets (light purple), Satellite Dreams (purple), Electra (silver) and Deep Truth (deep blue)!

  2. It looks gorgeous! I just put Mac shadows in my palettes - I can only just about manage to depot those, hehe xx

  3. Great colour selected I love jest. I really want to buy satin taupe!

  4. you have to try woodwinked, sable, texture, club and tete-a-tint :)

  5. =O - Im having a total OCD fit at the fact you have 'not mac' eye shadows in your mac palette! aaaahhhh, could not do that! lol - mac in a mac palette & elf in an elf palette for me! (yh im weird! haha)
    you have some really nice shades there though, I have ivory, pink ice, periwinkle & dusk & I have all that glitters in my mac basket ready for my next purchase!

  6. ooo this is so great! perfect Birthday gift : )