Sunday, 21 March 2010

Soap and Glory Arch De Triumph

After receiving lots of Soap and Glory products for Christmas and being some what disappointed their is one I think I would repurchase and that is Arch De Triumph.
It retails for £7.50 from most Boots, which I've actually just realised isn't that cheap.
This products is as you can see two ended with a light grey/brown coloured brow shaper and a pale pink highlighter.

The only half of this product which I really rate is the brow definer, its a grey/brown colour which means its not very over powering and is actually quite a natural colour even on my almost black eyebrows.
It isn't the creamy but I don't have a problem with that as its much easier to apply eyebrow pencil than it is to have to remove it if the product is to creamy and you have applied to much product.

The highlighter on the other hand I feel should be creamier and instead is quite a dry and very hard to blend consistency. It is also a totally matte which I like in most products but highlighters.

Whats your favourite Soap and Glory Product?

Sabrina X

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  1. I absolutley agree, the can't blend it at all to make it look more natural.

  2. I've never used these products before but I'm looking forward to trying it out : ) thanks for the post!

  3. i happen to loveee the soap and glory sprays, i brought 3 for a fiver which is quiet good!
    the smells are all different but yet all lovely..! :) x

  4. I have this and love it too!
    But like you i'm not so sure on the highlighter,it always ends up looking like i've literally just drawn a stripe of pink under my just cant blend it!

  5. Flake Away's my fave product.

  6. I'm thinking of buying this product
    Could you tell me your opinions on how splash-proof it is? I need a brow liner that can survive a night out!

    Thanks x

  7. I've just bought this as a gift set from ASOS so it was great value, it hasn't been delivered yet but can't wait to try it out.