Thursday, 25 March 2010

St. Moriz mist Vs Mousse

I have used and loved St Moriz mousse for quite a while now and I love it and am so happy that it is now available in savers for under £3! I did also buy in Savers the Mist which I have just recently heard of. St Moriz can also be found in TKmaxx and other discounted stores.
The packaging of the mousse and mist are similar however the mist has a tin bottle and the mousse bottle is plastic. The mousse comes with no instructions on the back, just a list of ingredients and a caution.

The mist however explains you should exfoliate, moisturise and then spray this from 6-12 inches away from the body.
The mousse comes with a pump which allows you to control the amount of product you use quite well, this is important to me when I fake tan the back of my hands and other smaller areas.
The mousse itself is quite light and easy to apply. It is extremely important to wash your hands after each section of your body to avoid orange hands. The tan mousse is tinted so it’s easy to see where you have applied it and you are far less likely to make mistakes. This product does dry fast so you must rub it in quite quickly and do smaller sections at a time.
The spray harder to control and I find it easier to rub the mousse into some places than actually have to spray it on. This doesn’t apply as evenly as the mousse and the colour also isn’t as nice.

Neither of these have a terrible fake tan smell, just a clean smell.

The colour of the mousse is perfect a natural golden brown neither orange or muddy, however I found that the mist was slightly more orange. This is an instant tan and the colour does die down after 2 baths but I wouldn’t say it goes completely.

I really recommend trying the mousse and I doubt I’ll switch fake tan for a long time. If you are a fan of mist fake tans then you may as well give St Moriz a try at under £3.

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Whats your favourite fake tan?

Sabrina X

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  1. I've got the mousse, I haven't tried it yet though, good to hear it's better than the spray hehe xx

  2. I have got the mousse too haven't used it yet waiting for the warmer weather! strange how my bottle has instrcutions on it thou..

    anyway great post! :)

  3. I havent tried the mist but i love the mousse! :)

  4. I use the mousse and love it .. apparently there's a green tint to it which stops it from being orange .. BUT I didnt wash my mitt the other day and it went all crusty and green .. nice!! xxx

  5. i love the mousse and always use a boots tanning mitt as it helps spread the product alot more evenly than I can with my hands.
    The mist just ended up turning my whole bathroom orange and u have to stand in the bath to do it.
    My local home bargains always has a ton of this on the shelves :)

  6. I've used the mousse before but never the spray, however I did pick up the spray, mousse and St moritz glitz for under £10 in semichem!! I'm about half way through Zen tan extreme deep bronze so I'll wait till I'm finished tht first!

    This blog was sooo helpful!Thank you!! :D


  7. I love the mousse so much, used to use the St Tropez mousse but then i found this cheap alternative, and it's actually better to be honest!
    I tried the mist last month but didn't think it was anywhere near as good as the mousse unfortunately!
    Good blog lovely :)