Thursday, 15 April 2010

Boots No7 Beautiful Brown Pencil

As I have said before I am not the biggest No7 fan simply as they are overpriced, however every time I get a £5 off voucher I always spend it. I bought the ‘Beautiful Brown Pencil’ in 10 Brown/Black as I felt Black would be too dark although my eyebrows are more or less black.
I really like that this pencil has a brush on the end which is especially useful for travelling. The pencil is soft and easy to use; it’s a standard size so most sharpeners will work. However I do not like the colour I think it’s too brown as I feel eyebrow pencil should be a bit grey in order to look more natural.
I think this is a good product but I really don’t like the colour and instead I much prefer the colour of my Soap and Glory eyebrow pencil.
no7 brow swatch
This retails for £7.00 in Boots
I rate this product a 6/10
What’s your favourite eyebrow pencil?

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  1. I've always used the Boots 17 one - it's the exact colour of my brows and has a brush on the cap. Cheap too!

    I see what you mean about the colour of the No 7 one - it looks more like a brown eyeliner.

  2. I've been using ELF's Eyebrow kit which is a cheaper dupe of Benefit's Brow Zings which I find works really well!

    I love No7's black eyeliner - it is so creamy and glides on! I ended up with 3 £5 off boots vouchers last time and bought 3 black eyeliners because I love them so much! x

  3. I think the name of it is Beautiful Brows Pencil, not Beautiful Brown Pencil.