Friday, 23 April 2010

An essential no one ever talks about

If there is one product which I always use when I do my makeup its Baby wipes, I love them and I get through them so quickly. I use them to wipe foundation of my hands, clean around my eyes and clean the outside of my makeup cases I don’t think I could do my makeup without them! (well I could but it would take longer)
Makeup wipes often get expensive so I use them just on my face and not to clean products or the back of my hand. I wouldn’t recommend replacing your makeup wipes with baby wipes as they don’t have the ingredient to clean and remove your makeup thoroughly enough, but everywhere else apart from your face they are great!

Do you like to use baby wipes as well?

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  1. I agree completely...wipes and Q-tips for me! :)

    Liesl :)

  2. i would never use them on my face but using them to clean makeup bags is a great idea :D,X

  3. I LOVE baby wipes!! I generally buy them when they are on offers so they are not expensive!! I basically take 80% of my make up with these them just use one make up/cleanser wipe to take off the rest (as they wipes tend to be more expensive!!)

    I use them for so many things and actually couldnt live without them!!

    Lisa x

  4. I use them on my eyes if I have nothing else, but baby wipes are so strong I can't even believe I use them on my daughter. She drew with crayon all over our table, the bleach cleaning wipes we had wouldn't shift it but the baby wipes did. Its the case for lots of stains. x

  5. that's really smart and I'm sure they're not too expensive.

  6. i agree with you, i also use them to clean not only my hands or makeup stuff but also to wipe surfaces or clean my shoes etc
    they are really handy :)

  7. Oh yes! You hear so little about them I often think no one uses them except for me ^^ Obviously not, they are awesome.
    When Im in a rush I do use them to remove my make up and find it ok, my mother always does instead of cleanser and her skin loves it.

  8. Hmm, I never thought of baby wipes as a possible use for make-up removing. It wouldn't break you out, would it?

  9. I use them for those purposes too :)
    They are so inexpensive and you often get 70+ wipes per pack.

  10. Oh yes i use them for the same purposes as you, but also sometimes if i'm very lazy i'll use them to take off my makeup! I'm naughty :P