Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Illamsqua Body Electrics Products

I received a surprise package this morning and inside it came two great Illamsqua products.
I have only had a chance to try out the nail polish in ‘JoMina’ it was realised with the Body Electrics spring/summer 2010 collection. The colour is a beautiful purple or a dark lilac, although not quite fitting this seasons pastel nail polish trend I think this is a perfect spring/summer colour and one which I will most defiantly be wearing. The application was great, it applied well and only need two coats. Sorry that the picture is a little messy it was my right hand (the one I am most comfortable painting with) and I am also impatient and never wait longer than a minute for it to dry but t it did actually dry quite quickly. This is quite a pricey product at £13 but it is a beautiful unique colour and I would recommend it.
Product: 9/10
Ease to use:9/10
Packaging:8/10 (just because the little sometimes comes apart)
Price: 7/10

I was also sent a ‘Liquid Metal Palette’ which I am excited to try and will hopefully be able to show you how I wear them on a daily basis. These are very pretty and unique so keep an eye out for that post in the next few days.

Click here for Illamsqua Website
Click here for Illamsqua Blog

I also am hoping to buy a few Illamsqua blushers soon, as they look amazing any recommendations?

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  1. OMG that palette I so want :)

  2. Awww you are so lucky to be send this products, I would love to have this palette myself ;) Looking forward to your review ;)

  3. so lucky! I love that polish! I was unsure whether to buy it or not, now I'm definitely going to buy it! =P I've already bought the Prism nail varnish which should arrive soon...can't wait to try it out! =D


  4. I would recommend their blush in 'Lover'. It's a really pretty true peach shade x

  5. Love the colour of the nail varnish. I really want to try some of their cream blushers but have no idea which one to get x

  6. If you're into peaches I'd definitely recommend the cream blushes in Rude and Dixie - they're gorgeous. I also just got Laid cream blush which is a beautiful, vibrant pink and Tremble which is a pale, pinky/peach powder - all lovely!

    I love that nail polish too - I bought if for my friend's birthday and was very sad to hand it over...but very happy at her reaction!