Friday, 16 April 2010

Maybelline Pure Blush mineral

One of my favourite Maybelline products is undoubtedly their ‘Pure Blush mineral’ powder blush. I only have two of them but would happily pick up the rest. I own 40.Quartz Peach and 30.Plum Alchemy.
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I find that mineral blushers are always a little scary, I’m not sure why but I think it has to do with their pigmentation. This is also very pigmented but also a great quality product. I recommend a light hand when using this blusher and slowly adding more if needed, it is easy to blend. Both of the colours that I own have a light shimmer in them which adds a very pretty Glow.
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Top Quartz Peach, Bottom Plum Alchemy

My favourite colour is 40.Quartz Peach it is a perfect summer colour, it a pretty peachy colour. Plum Alchemy is a far darker colour and as the name suggests it’s a plum colour which I think would be suited for darker skin tones. I think that on my pale skin Quartz Peach is by far the most natural looking one and my favourite.

I think these are great drugstore blushers and I really recommend them.
Overall rating 9/10

These retail for £6.99 and are available from all good Drugstores.

Whats your favourite drugstore blush?

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  1. I've been meaning to try these out recently, looks like I'll be picking them up soon. :) Lovely review, x

  2. I love these...they last all day on my skin. My favourite is Moonlit Mauve. x

  3. i love blushers but have hardly any, i might give these a go as they look quite nice:) x

  4. I love these, I have 4 and they are a fab product. Defintely one of my favourite Maybelline products too! Have found them tricky to get hold of but saw them recently on the fragrance direct website for £1.99! Have also bought a couple from eBay too :-)

  5. I love this peachy one!

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  6. I've only just discovered these because they are on clearance at my favourite Chemits for only aud$1.99! They are fantastic, I wish I had of given them a chance sooner!