Friday, 16 April 2010

New £1 makeup from Superdrug?

Superdrug has announced that they are going to be realising a new brand called 'Makeup Academy' where all items will only cost £1. The range will only be available from Superdrug and will include lipsticks, glosses, eyeshadows, mascaras, eye liners, blush, powder and nail polish.

Although Superdrug are calling this a NEW range I think it is the range which is sold in Savers. Many of you may know that Savers is actually owned by Superdrug. About a year ago I went and purchased quite a lot of a range called 'Makeup Academy' and everything within that ranged retailed for only £1. Although the packaging is slightly different to the one in the promo images if you click here you will see the packaging is identical to the one sold in Savers.

From what I remember of the brand (as I have given most the products away) the lipsticks are the best products of the bunch they remind me a little of NYX lipstick. Their eye shadows are well pigmented and the worst product is in my opinion their glitter eyeliners. However it is possible that they have reformulated some products before they go on sale in Superdrug.

I will still be buying some of the products I haven't yet tried such as their lipglosses... what will you be buying?

Have you ever seen these products in Savers? Would you like swatches the lipsticks I still have?

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  1. Dont they sell this is Tj Hughes too? I remember buying a vile sticky lipgloss before

  2. Ooh yes you should definitely do swatches of the lipsticks you have :)

  3. I know exactly what you mean, I was thinking that they where the same as the ones in tj huges and savers, I did go a little bit crazy when this brand came out in tj huges and i was so dissapointed with everthing! I hope they have reformulated them! and not just got new packaging!!

    Those eyeliners where horrible, I remember using them and after less than a hour it literally peeeled and fell of my eye and was all plastic-ey! I tried a few of the lipstics too and they where awfull, fell apart before i even used them and they just felt really cheap and like yucky, There eyeshadows and powders where okay although they where a little "chalky" like talc :/

    I suppose you can't really complain for a pound though :/ I suppose you do get what you pay for :/ Glad the products worked for you !
    P.s sorry for the essay i don't know when to shut up lol :P