Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker

I love Soap & Glory’s retro looking packaging but must admit I’m not crazy about most of their products; however there are a few that I do like. One of my favourites is the ‘Sexy Mother Pucker’ Lip gloss which I have; I have it in a limited edition colour so I won’t walk too much about the colour and instead review the product.
I have it in the colour Candy Gloss which I think is only ever sold around Christmas time. I would say this lip gloss is cheap you get 7ml for £8, it comes in a plastic tube which I’m not sure if I like. It claims to be a lip plumper and although I think it doesn’t literally plump your lips I feel it does give the illusion of bigger and fuller lips. It has little tiny shimmery particles which catch the light really well and make lips look amazing, although it does have shimmer you can’t feel them at all. It is a quite sticky lip gloss but not to uncomfortable and quite moisturising.

The product itself smells very sweet and I’m sure some people wouldn’t like it. The most important thing to remember about this product is that it tingles a lot! It’s almost a burning sensation but I really like that feeling, it’s like Carmex but much stronger.
This lip gloss is quite sheer and I would recommend wearing it by itself as it can look quite strange, I often just place a little in the middle of my lips on top of my lipstick to give a further illusion of larger lips.
soap and glory
This product is available from Boots and ASOS in the UK and Target in America
What do you think of lip plumpers?
Sabrina X

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  1. These are my fave lipglosses ever. I have all five colors that you can buy in the US (from Target) and they are awesome. I love the tingley feeling and the colors (pink, plumy red, dark nude, peach, clear) go with ever thing!

  2. I always thought that sexy mother pucker was literally plumping...if its not then i really resent the pain it causes!

  3. Ohh this colour is pretty...
    I have one, i hate the smell but it's a nice gloss that lasts for ages (:

  4. I want this for the name, haha.

  5. I've given you an award on my blog :)


  6. I did a review of this on my blog with swatches if you wanna check it out :D I love the colour you have though!!! Jealous!


    Love, Vee :)

  7. Thanks so much for this post!! I've been wondering for a while now whether to buy mother pucker or not???? and i think i will!!!! I have just discovered your blog, i love it and all the posts :) im now following x

  8. This looks really nice. Will be off to buy this tomorrow....!