Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Summer Lipstick: Body Shop Neon Pink

I only have a few lipsticks from The Body Shop and in all honesty I don’t reach for them very much. They aren’t amazing quality and are not very cheap, they retail for £8.
However there is one colour that stands out from the rest and that is number 59 ‘Neon Pink.’ It is a very bright pink with no shimmer or glitter and it is defiantly not for the faint hearted. This is a definite eye catcher.
body shop lips
It last much longer than most my lipsticks however it is also a little drying but the colour is so vibrant that I love it!
body shop
Would you wear Bright pink lips during the Summer?

Sabrina X

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  1. i love the colour! i dont think i would brave it in any other season than summer though!

  2. The colour looks really nice
    Ive never wore lipstick before is there a colour you would recommend for someone whos never worn one before?


  3. @Charlie I would recommend getting a pale pink. If you are looking for a cheap one try some of the natural collection ones or Maybelline X

  4. I would wear it! Love this color.... that pink is beautiful!

  5. That's ana amazing color! I would definitely wear this!! *-*


  6. I wouldn't wear it but I love seeing others working it

  7. i'm not very much into bright pinks.this one looks good on you but i like natural colors more

  8. Hi Sabrina, I am getting this lippy stick , cuz i really love bright pink lippys, and was wondering how is the staying power on it ?? and do you still like it and do you wear it offen ? how would you compare it to the nicki manaj pink friday pink ?? is the match kinda dead on , or not , thank you so very much and have a pink rainbow day
    kindest regards
    georgia from ohio
    p.s. would ya be interested in possibly doing a swap ?? i am in the usa and really want to try some of the uk brands that I cant get , especially the pinks , i am on you tube also as mypinkrainbow and i am a trust worthy person and would love to do a swap ,