Thursday, 15 April 2010

Summer Lipsticks: Maybelline Coral Pop

To help get me and hopefully you as well get in to a summery or at least a spring mood I have decided to put together a list of 10 lipstick and 10 nail polishes of my favourite Spring/Summer colour. This was defiantly inspired by Temptalia but I will of course be using my own collection therefore most will be drugstore products with only a few higher end products.

There will defiantly be bright colours such as corals, pink and probably no nudes. It will last 10 days for the lipstick one, there will be a new one posted every day but they are in no particular order.
Maybelline Coral pop
Today’s lipstick is Maybelline Color sensation ‘Coral Pop’. There are 30 different Color sensation lipsticks of which I have 9 and of those nine this is to me the most summery colour but I do love all the ones I own, I find them to be quite good quality for only £6.99. They are available in most counties and in England you can buy them in Superdrug and Boots.
coral pop Maybelline
This is as the name suggests a coral but as it is still quite pink it is very wearable. It has quite a glossy finish which makes it even easier to wear. It is not a heavy lipstick not does it dry out my lips, it lasts quite well but I do still reapply from time to time. It even has a summery light sweet smell.
Coral Pop
Have you tried Maybelline Color Sensation lipstick? If so what is your favourite colour?

Sabrina X

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  1. Ooo, I love that colour! Think I may have to pick that up next time I'm out. :) x

  2. That is gorgeous :O! Definitley on my list! x

  3. such a nice colour ! :) xxx

  4. I was checking it last week in our store and I think Im going back to get it ;)

  5. Ooo I want that lipstick !
    It looks amazing on you ! :D x

  6. That looks tooooo pretty! :) xoxo

  7. I love that colour!! It looks lovely on you and I'm so glad you said it had a glossy finish - definitely going to be buying this! I've tried 112 Ambre Rose - a light pink which I think most people will have tried!

  8. It's gorgeous! I love it! x

  9. Oo i love that colour

    follow me please:


  10. I nearly bought this the other day but put it back again.

    It's really lovely. I can see myself getting this colour soon! x

  11. I love that colour so much now! I am definitely going to go and track it down after work..not sure it will look as nice on me as it does you though! x

  12. I absolutely love this color! But I don't think this shade is available in Canada :(