Thursday, 20 May 2010

Nars Sabrina

If there is one product I should have and almost need is Nars lip treatment in Sabrina.

Truthfully the reason is because my name is Sabrina but also because it is so spoken about online. Also I don't have any Nars products so that would be the perfect first one.

Does anyone know where I can pick one up? I have had a look on MUA but I don't have very many products I would like to swap so a website where I can buy it would be the best thing.

Thanks for all your help


 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. sorry i can't help but just wanted to say i just bought a lipstick because it was called my name!luckily i like it!

  2. I'm pretty sure you can get it at Sephora because that's where I bought mine (at the store tho not online). I bought it after hearing so much about it from Lollipop26, but I was a little disappointed with it. It wasn't very moisturizing!

  3. Maybe makeupboutique on Ebay? It's the same person from the KissandmakeupNY store

  4. I'm not sure where to get it, but I know I WANT ONE. The shade is so natural

  5. hey try myt not be on da website but you can email and ask if they have got it.

  6. this is such a nice color!

  7. I have this, it's quite flavoured and appears quite pink on. I bought it about three years ago in Space NK. It's definitely good for really dry lips as it contains sunscreen etc. Gives a real ski bunny look.