Sunday, 9 May 2010

Soap & Glory Hand Food

I have spoken about Soap and Glory products before and that I find their products to be a bit hit and miss. One that I do like and would repurchase is ‘Hand Food’ which they say is a ‘non-greasy hand cream with Shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow.’
hand food

I have the smaller one which 50ml which retails for only £2.25 but there is also a larger one which is 125ml and retail for £4.50. I would say this is very inexpensive especially as Boots often runs offers on Soap & Glory products. I also like that you have the choice of a small and large one, I think that the small on is perfect for travel and the large one is perfect for keeping on the bed side table.

As the packaging says this is a non-greasy hand cream which I love as it means I don’t need to wait for it to dry in order to get on doing other things. The smell is quite a strong smell which many may not like but which I find quite nice. Also not only is this product inexpensive but a little product goes a long way.

An extra plus is that it isn’t tested on animals.

I would recommend this product, it is inexpensive, has pretty packaging and does exactly what a hand cream is suppose to do.

What is your favourite hand cream?
Sabrina X

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  1. Neutrogena hand cream is my holy grail. It's thick but not greasy and lasts ages. My skin is SO dry so I need something hardcore! If you've tried it, how does S&G compare?

    One to avoid is Lush Helping Hands: really greasy and smells terrible!

  2. Sorry I haven't tried it... XX

  3. I always have this in my bag to apply throughout the day, love it!

  4. i have both the big one and small one :) i also have the blue hand food but i prefer the pink one

  5. Just stumbled across you blog and I LOVE IT! Yay i love it when i find a really good blog :)
    I'm obsessed with all the Lush creams, I just dont think you can go wrong with Dream Cream or Vanishing Cream.
    Looking forward to reading my way through your blog,
    Lou from

  6. This is my favourite hand cream too - it lives on my desk at work! x