Saturday, 8 May 2010

Summer Nail Polish: Turquoise

After the Sleek event I was given a nail polish in ‘Turquoise’. The colour is a dark mint green which is very different to the other lighter shades of mint green that I own. I was really excited to receive this colour as I has previously looked at Sleek nail polishes and been a little disappointed by the lack of bright nail polishes which they have. However they will be releasing this colour and an orange which are bright and great for the summer.

The quality of the product shocked me, I always need at least two coats of nail polish but this is a lovely opaque colour which only needs one coat. Sleek have branded this polish as a ‘quick drying’ one and I would totally agree within a few minutes it was dry.
Packaging wise I this is a pretty standard on bottle which holds 10.5ml which retails for an inexpensive £2.99.

Overall I really like this polish I think both the colour and formula is great and I will defiantly check out the other bright polishes when they are released.

This will be released sometime next month, keep an eye out for it in Superdrugs but I will let you let you know as soon as they are released.

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  1. I love how quick they dry! But I didn't like how easily they chipped, but that was before I started changing my nail polish every day and hence the chip factor was nullified.
    This is such a pretty colour!

  2. Lovely color and it works great with your skin tone!

    I hope you don`t mind if I advise you to clean around your nails before taking pictures?It would look soooo much better and more elegant.

  3. I wore this one yesterday! Isn't it lovely? x

  4. I love teal polish! I can't wear it this summer because of my job :(

  5. i love it! but what would you wear it with clothes wise?

    i'm delving into brighter nail polishes recently but it seems strange with most outfits :/ xx

  6. clean up your nails!!
    the look disgusting!! all your notd are so sloppy

  7. @Annoymous

    I have stated over and over again on my NOTD that I know they are sloppy. I dont have ages to paint my nails and to be honest I have better things to do. If you have a problem with them you are more then welcome to stop reading my NOTD or blog.

    Wonder what your NOTD's would look like

  8. Your nail painting skills look good to me, Sabrina! :)
    Don't listen to little miss anonymous!!

  9. Awesome - Wearing it now. My favourite colour. =]