Tuesday, 18 May 2010

This isn't a diet

I don’t diet… well I try but fail.

In a way I don’t believe in diets, you set yourself a time limit to lose X number of kg and then you get of your diet and start living as you did before and end up at the same weight you did before.

Therefore I don’t want to go on a diet and I don’t really want to set myself very many goals but to get fit and maybe toned. instead I want to change my way of life a little eat healthy food and do more exerise.

I’m 5 ft 7 which is 4/5 inches above average so quite tall and my weight is usually around 62kg, I am also a UK size 10. A 10 is a perfect size in my opinion not to fat not to skinny but recently I’ve been feeling fatter and less healthy and it’s time to change.

However a few months ago I thought I was going to change and actually failed, so this time I’m going to keep a little log of everything I eat and do on here.

First I’ll tell you about my usual eating habits- I eat two slices of toast every day, with butter, in college I buy pasta with chicken and salad, a packet of crisps and chocolate. When I get home about three I usually eat another slice of toast and then have dinner quite late at 8o’clock.
As you can tell this is terrible! My down fall is chocolate and bread I just love the stuff and bread is defiantly something I want to cut down on but always feel I don’t know what to replace it with. In the morning I am going to replace it with cereals but don’t know what I will eat in college instead of sandwiches. I do eat some fruit maybe 3 pieces a day but I want to bring this up to five pieces a day. I also want to drink lots of green tea as it help clear out your inside and also helps your skin.

Exercise wise I want to start running again; I actually quite enjoy it and maybe join the gym and start swimming once I buy a swimming costume. I also need to find my Shred DVD and get through that!

I’m not sure of my weight and will update that very soon but I know I have a 30 inch waist and 37 inch hips, I defiantly carry most my weight on my hips.

I want a body like this, skinny but still with some fat....

I would love to hear all your tips and ideas. Also would you be happy to hear about this quite often?

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  1. I'm in the same boat as you, I know I'm not over weight but lately my jeans are feeling a little snugger. It's my boyfriend who is a bad influence, chocolate, crisps and late night cheese on toast lol. They say you shouldn't eat a main meal after 5 which is hard if you have a busy lifestyle. I'm just trying to fill up on fruit instead of snacks, little things like that really make a difference! The special K peaches cereal is a nice low fat one :) Good luck hun x

  2. oh my gosh we have quite a lot in common!
    I am also about a size 10 and want to make lifestyle changes instead of going on some fad diet! I started the 30 day shred quite recently..10 days ago actually! I wrote about in on my blog... my main goal is a flat tum tum but I know you can't spot train if you know what I mean...I am doing the shred dvd everyday before school and on the weekends too (oh yes!)
    It actually makes me feel good and gives me energy for the day!
    good luck, stay strong and we can do it together
    :D if you want, you could check out my blog:
    xxxx Olenka

  3. eat dark chocolate its actually good for you :) in moderation of course. and eat 100% whole wheat bread. its good for you and filling :)

  4. I think im going to join you.. :) XO

  5. Don't worry too much about your diet, just get more active. I'm trying to get into running so I'm going to find a 10k to enter and get training for it so I have something to work towards.

  6. I'm 5'3, between a size six/eight. I'm def. not feeling healthy anymore and I'm always tired and sluggish! I've been just focusing on eating lots of veggies! I'm on a real salad kick lately and have been experimenting with lots of new recipes! I'm also staying away from restaurants and making everything myself! Hopefully I'll be able to gain some energy and shed some poundage!! Good luck to you as well!



  7. Definitly the same, in fact I am just blogged my food every day this week to try and be a bit better and also come to terms with where I'm going wrong. I have a holiday in four weeks and need to get in a bikini happily :). Anyway I think I am starting to see a diffirence and I am about the same as you, i'm 5'6, weigh 62kg and my measurements are 36, 29, 26. I really need to tone up that middle. I am making sure to exercise some form everyday, whether it be at home or I try to go the gym as much as possible even if it's just 40 minutes. I am doing a little muscle training and a lot of cardio. I am trying to snack less and definitly eat less bread. Hope your change works and look forward to reading about it :D x

  8. I was going to attempt something like this as well, logging it on the blog, but I just can't bring myself too! I'm such a fail it'll turn more into a "don't eat like this crazy person" blog :D

  9. Ah I looove bread too, carbs are probably my favorite thing in the world which is horrible haha:) but I think you're the first person I've seen whose ideal body is actually realistic and still gorgeous! Most people would name off victoria's secret models, etc...I think its very admirable! xxx

  10. i want to do this too (:, good luck!,X

  11. Hey! Good luck with your efforts and check out my latest blog post as I just posted how I lost 30 lbs. I've got tips and tricks on there too. :)

  12. You should try Mel B's fitness DVD - seriously, it is AMAZING. Its pretty hard (I think), but easy to understand and you can mix and match the bits you want to focus on, eg tum/bum etc This way you could do a 15 minute workout or a 45 minute one! Plus, she's quite funny. I really noticed the difference, and would probably still be if I wasn't so terminally lazy. xxx

  13. Have you ever tried doing pilates? That helped me a lot when I wanted to become more toned and yet not waste 2 hrs of going all the way to the gym. Actually it took like 30 mins and can be done at home which always suits me perfectly. It can be a bit difficult in the beginning but you get used to it really fast and it works a miracle.
    Let me know if you want to give it a go, I'd be more than happy to recommend some workout videos (I've tried several)! xx

  14. As a replacement for bread, you should try rice cakes.
    I usually have them with either peanut butter, or sugar-flavourings-colourings free jam. (Basically just mashed up fruit) :L
    These are so good. I'm addicted.
    And, there's only 20 calories per rice cake! :D xx

  15. ahh i'm the same i always give up on diets.. as i know i'll go back to my normal eating habits once i've reached that 'goal weight' :/ what i've started lately is when i get a snack urge i go for an orange, apple or grapes instead of cookies ..ahhh waitrose cookies are the best :'( grr!
    i tend to eat when im bored or watching tv - which is a lot lately seeing as i'm currently addicated to dexter! D:
    i'd definitely love to see more posts like this! good luck :)

  16. oops, i just saw this post was from 2010! no idea how i got to this post!

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