Saturday, 15 May 2010

Tinted Lip Conditioners

As my lipstick collection is growing bigger so is the list of lipsticks that I buy and don’t actually wear as I find the colour doesn’t work for me. For that reason I have been loving tinted lip balms, as I think they are great for changing the colour of your lipstick without adding a huge amount of gloss. I also love lip conditioners on days which I want to give my lips a break and not apply drying lipsticks, lip conditioners add a hint of colour as well as moisture.
Most brands now have tinted lip conditioners but I think the most spoken about ones are probably Mac lip conditioners however I don’t have any so won’t be able to compare them; instead I have two which retail for under £4 each.
lip cond swatch
Price wise they are both very inexpensive the Vaseline Rosy Lips retailing for about £1.50 and the sleek tinted lip conditioner retails for under £4, my Sleek one is in the colour ‘Raspberry SoufflĂ©’ which may not be out yet but will be out soon.

I love both products, they may not be the most moisturising lip balm I have but they are good.

What do you think of tinted lip conditioners?

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  1. I think Tinted Lip Conditioners are fab for Summer if you don't want to wear lipstick/gloss when its hot out and just want something with a subtle colour.

    I'm really excited for the Sleek ones to be released!

    Fab post as always, Sabrina. :)

    Felicity xo

  2. I can totally understand you - I love tinted lip care products.
    I usually use them when I'm on the run in the morning or during the day when I'm too lazy to recover my lipstick. :D However I prefer tinted lip balms in usual lipstick containers just because it's easier to apply them.

  3. I love lip conditioners - I really need some better ones my lips are so dry :( x

  4. I think tinted lip conditioners are great for both summer and winter. I really love the fact that Vaseline has some. I'll be picking that up very soon

  5. i love the Vaseline aloe lip conditioner!, can't wait for the rose and almond tinted to arrive in NZ! looks good..
    also can i ask... what is the font called that you use for your headings (groovy pink handwriting)??


  6. @Hidden the font is called 'mias scribblings'

  7. I just got the Mac Hello Kitty Popstar tinted lip conditioner from a blog sale and it has definitely ignited some lip conditioner love! Think I might have to go check out the Sleek ones soon - that swatch looks so nicely pigmented!

  8. i love the vaseline one:) so pretty!

  9. I have the vaseline one and I think it's great- especially for summer when it's too hot to wear loads of sticky makeup & for when i'm skiing because I can never be bothered to make myself look nice :)
    Definately going to try a sleek one though!
    I have nominated you for a blog award here:

    I love your blog posts they're fabbbbb :) x

  10. Lovely post Sabrina :)
    Tinted lip conditioner's are the way forward in my opinion ... no need to worry that they will melt unlike lipsticks.

  11. Haven't ever tried them, but like the idea of having abit of colour on my lips!

  12. The Sleek one's have an spf 15 and i think the new ones come out in June. So not long!

  13. I love tinted lip balms/conditioners. My fave is MAC TLC. But it's kinda pricey. I can only wish we have Vaseline tinted lip balms. We're so behind. :(