Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Body Shop Baked To Last Eyeshadows

Last week when I attended The Body Shop event I was very kindly given some eyeshadows from their new range ‘Baked-to-last’  it included eyeshadows, blushers and bronzers but today I just want to talk about the eyeshadows.
I was given eight which I believe are all the ones in the collection and as I’m sure you will agree they are all very beautiful. At the event we were given a little demonstration and they were applied wet over The Body Shop vitamin E spray and I would say this is how it works best, it brings out the pigmentation. I would say that when I use them dry the pigmentation is a bit of a disappointment but they are easy to apply and when in a rush you can even apply them with your fingers.

1. Copper
2. Moonstone
3. Jade
4. Quartz
5. Sage
6. Starlight
7. Sapphire
8. Amethyst

Although they are pretty and I like them I wouldn’t pay £9.50 for them simply because I think that is expensive and the pigmentation isn’t amazing and the colours aren’t very unique. However The Body Shop often has fabulous sales and I would pick up a few if they were half price.

What colour catches your eye the most?

More The Body Shop Reviews coming soon.

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  1. I like the quartz, but would agree that I wouldn't pay that price! That sounds interesting about the vitamin E spray though, do you think this would work well under other eyeshadows?
    Anna x

  2. These look super cute!! tho i dont think i would pay £9.50 for one either lol
    which one is your favourite?

  3. I like Sage the best but, unfortunately, where I live available are only Cooper, Moonstone (I also like both of them) and Jade. And no blushes! ;(
    I have Moonstone which looks much more warmer on my skin. And I like baked eyeshadows because they are buildable.

  4. Wow Copper and Jade are so pretty! But so overpriced! I wouldnt buy them! Hope you had fun at the event!

  5. I really want Moonstone (I bought Jade on Ebay from a seller in England.) The Body Shop in Atlanta doesn't have any of these & probably won't get them in... I hope England ships some over! :) xx

  6. Moonstone and Starlight look amazing! x

  7. I love the colours! I've tagged you for something on my blog btw! :) xx

  8. I have to agree, I swatched one of the greeney ones (can't remember if it was Jade and Sage) and it was all glitter and no pigment :(

  9. hey the bodyshop event thing?
    where does it happen? and can anyone go? how do you find out about it, i really do wanna try out products but not spend so much on it without trying it
    thank you x

  10. Love this, i am having a similar giveaway with three of these shadows, a highlighter and lip gloss
    check out