Sunday, 27 June 2010

Formspring answers

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What’s your favourite drugstore make up item?
In general I think nothing beats drugstore mascara! They're inexpensive and there is some really great ones out there esp. Maxfactor ones. I like blushes from Sleek, Maybelline mineral blush and even natural collection ones.

What’s you favourite foundation?
I feel like I haven't found the best one... I like Mac studio fix but breaks me out, I think Revlon colorstay makes me look too powdery Revlon Photo finish and Bourjois foundation doesn’t last long enough. But I do think photo finish is good, my favourite one at the moment X

Who has been the funniest blogger you've met in real life?
I'm really not too sure, I only get to meet people at events and there isn't usually much chance to talk or be funny but all the bloggers are very friendly and almost all bloggers I have met are funny. Sorry but I really have no idea who’s the funniest I'll keep this question in mind at the next event.

I saw your post about London. I don’t live there and was wondering, is it a nice place to live? Very expensive from what I’ve heard :(
I love London! I wouldn’t say it’s the prettiest city ever but there is always so much to see and do. I think it’s expensive in terms of house prices, rent, eating out and travel but I still love it!

Is Portuguese easy? You speak it already so is it that hard for you at A-level?
I was born in England so I have never had to write or read Portuguese so that aspect is hard. Also the essays you have to right are quite hard, in my exam I had to write an essay about literature and other arts so you have to no specialist language and know about the countries culture and artists.

Ps let me know if you have any requests or questions

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