Monday, 21 June 2010

Primark Limited Summer Collection 2010

Image from instyle

Top Row; left-right
Silk aqua dress, £35, Primark
Sheer shorts in rose, £13, Primark
Black waterfall dress, £25, Primark
Sheer ruffle blouse in rose, £13, Primark
Floral print playsuit, £17, Primark
Sheer ruffle blouse in aqua, £13, Primark

Bottom row; left-right
Floral print tiered skirt, £17, Primark
Black embellished sheer skirt, £17, Primark
Floral print cropped jacket, £19, Primark
Floral print dress, £15, Primark
Sheer boyfriend jacket in rose, £21, Primark
Black harem cuff trousers, £15, Primark

I’m not sure how keen I am on this collection from Primark. It’s very clear what they were inspired by floral fabrics, pastel colours and sheer fabrics. I’m not sure if this is going to be available in all Primark stores but I think most big stores should sell them.

I would buy the shorts and the harem trousers, what would you buy?

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. I'm shocked! These are really expensive primark items lol. The only thing I'd probably buy is the floral skirt. Primark is known for being cheap, and these are New Look prices, and I'm not sure about the quality soo...

    Do you have any idea when these will be released? I'm wondering if they will be in Lakeside...

  2. hmm I'm not a big fan of primark but I love sheer fabrics and mesh so I quite like those shorts...and the sheer pink blazer jacket too!

  3. the rose ruffle blouse is really cute. i wish we had primark here, such good bargains! xx

  4. OMG has primark finally fixed their website and starting to show their products on there or did you get these pics from another source.

  5. I'd the buy black skirt & the black dress.. But they look quite expensive, when I once visited Primark, everything was sooo cheap!

  6. :O love it, but whats going on with the price! all the things from primark was under £10 just a few years ago.. i guess its all the demand :/

  7. Buying expensive clothes from Primark to me seems like defeating the object of shopping there! I recently saw some cashmere jumpers for £40 and overheard another lady say to her friend "who's going to spend that much in here?"
    She took the words right out of my mouth xx

  8. i have just got the tiered skirt and its lovely- really excelent quality

  9. Omg I love the gaawguss pink shorts they look really expensive xx