Friday, 11 June 2010

SleekMakeup Lip conditioner

Last month I wrote a blog post about a SleekMakeup lip conditioner and said that I would let you know as soon as they came out. They were released a few days ago and they are limited edition so I would recommend getting your hands on them now!

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They are perfect for summer as they have a nice tint and have SPF15.

Will you be picking one up?

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  1. these look gorgeous! i wish sleek was available here. xx

  2. I saw these today and was intrigued because I remembered your post. Do they come out yellow and purple though? That could look a bit 'out there'! hehe xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I have the pink and orange ones, I showed them in a video I did on YouTube. They are really nice actually, not the best taste in the world but nice colours and moisturising and SPF, can't ask for much more!x