Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Question Of The Week

I’ve kind of missed blogging over the last week, I have been pretty busy doing not very much and haven’t had more than an hour or less each day to watch YouTube videos, read blogs and write my own posts. I’m going on holiday next week and would love to leave some post scheduled but don’t know when I will get a chance.
On to the point of this post… each week I want to ask a new question of the week, I have done a similar thing previously but as a poll this time a short comment would be perfect....

This week’s question
How many days in advance do you pack to go on holiday? 

I’m thinking two days or so this year but I think I’ll take pictures and share all my little tips on how I pack. Please leave all your tips in the comments to I’m sure they will be useful!

Sabrina X

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  1. I always make a list of things to take with me a week in advance (so clothes have time to be washed) but end up packing the night before, ticking them off as I go along x

  2. I always pack a couple of days in advance just to double check I have everything.
    I would pack a week in advance it I knew my clothes wouldn't crease :-S
    Hope you have a lovely holiday

  3. I normally pack a week before. Which is normally due to work, as I normally work 5/6 days straight before going on holiday. Plus it also gives you time to remember something if you've forgotten it.

  4. When I was younger I used to pack a week ahead of time and "live" out of my suite case to be sure I didnt forget anything. Anything I used that week I would put in there. Now I am a professional procrastinator and I usually try to pack the night before and always get bored then have to wake up early and fast pack. I'm always nervous I'm going to forget something :)
    I do have a saved list on my computer of things I need on trips. I have a few diff ones. Like one for getting ready to go out, in case I'm going to get ready at a friends. One for a weekend. One to go home (I can save room by sharing products w/ my sister) One for vacation, ect

  5. i always pack a few hours in advance loooool im such a last minute.com :D xx

  6. I pack either the night before I leave (if it's a morning flight), or literally right before I leave to the airport. I started living away from home at the age of 13 so I've become somewhat of a packing pro! :P xx

  7. I just discovered your blog and I really love it, thanks for sharing!

    xx fesi-fashion

  8. Well im going on holiday on friday...i might back friday morning

  9. I always make a list a week or so before, then lay it all out, and it always looks like too much, so I edit it abit, but always end up throwing a few bits in the morning I am leaving! I hate packing!

  10. i love that suitcase! i usually spend a day packing... after spending the previous couple days washing my favorite clothes. i also do some last minute add-ons! i'm indecisive