Saturday, 28 August 2010

Fighting won't knock you out

I thought I would quickly share what I wore today, I love these trousers! They are a extra skinny pair of Cargo trousers which I bought about a week ago. I don't think they look amazing with this t-shirt and cardigan but I haven't been staying at home and am still living out of my suitcase. 
They are actually from Primark and cost about £9 and I think they are a great alternative to jeans and the khaki green colour is great for the autumn! 
I wore it with my favourite watch which I got on holiday for only 10 Euros and I know regret getting some more from the same shop, I also has a few of my bracelets which I never take of such as the one above which I bought in a Chinese shop also in Portugal for 1 Euro.
I also wore the ring above which is a double finger ring and is available in Primark. 
Today I went to see Toy Story 3D with some of my cousins, it was the youngest ones first time at the cinema and he didn't quite understand why he had to wear glasses and he tried to catch all the 3D things coming towards him.

I picked up a new diary from WH Smith as well as some new pens and notebook from Wilkinson's. I am such a geek when it comes to stationary and I get super exited. I can now write lots of lists!

I'm thinking about challenging myself to a whole month of no jeans, would anyone else like to join me?
Hope you are having a great extended weekend!
Sabrina X

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  1. I'm a sucker for stationary too and love writing lists :P.

  2. i love these trousers, cant believe they are from primark! that ring too! my local primark is utterly rubbish
    i have a bit of a thing for obsessing with stationary too, its def the best thing about going back to uni
    belle xxxx

  3. ilove the ring !!!! my local primark is just sooo bad :( they never sell any of the nice stuff

    the diary looks cute :D xx

  4. Ahh I love the stationary, so cute! Lol, I get the same way, I love shopping for notebooks and pens. :D -geek-

  5. I agree with you, those pants are a very good option to jeans and I love the color!
    I also lvoe the notebook and the diary! so cute *-*

  6. Love the khaki trousers :) They look great on you :) Ive been trying to wear different alternatives to jeans recently - and today Im proud of myself because I wore a spotty red dress I bought in primark about 5 years ago! xx

  7. You look great pants fir you perfect and I love that ring =)

  8. I also like the trousers =)

    and cute stationary! =D

  9. Such a nice ring and watch!!

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  11. Those trousers are great and I will definately be looking out for that ring!

  12. i love those trousers!
    i will be investigating those

    gem x

  13. wow this watch is awesome! :D
    DaisyLine from