Saturday, 25 September 2010

Affordable Beauty- Brushes

When I began to really get in to beauty and makeup at the age of about 15 the one think that I always found was out of my reach were brushes. Everyone on YouTube and on blogs talk about MAC brushes and high end brushes which to be perfectly honest I still can not afford!

However there are a few different brands which I think sell great makeup brushes at more affordable prizes (but some are still not cheap!)

There are some great online stores and although I know that a lot of younger girls are unable to shop online I'm going to start with a few of my favourite online websites.

My top favourite is Sigma Makeup- I love my Sigma brushes and use them every single day, the quality of each brush is great and they have a large range to chose from. They even do travel brushes and different limited edition collections.
ELF make extremely affordable brushes, I would recommend checking out the eye shadow brush in their standard collection and all the other brushes in the Studio line.
Another brand which I have heard good things about but haven't had a chance to try are crown brushes, personally I visit the site quite regularly but there is such a huge selection I always feel slightly lost!

Brushes available in the drugstore
 Not to long ago I bought some EcoTool brushes at a great price from Tescos and really like them all apart from the eyeshadow brush. They were all soft and sturdy and are available from Tescos, Boots and Superdrug.

No7 by Boots also has a range of brushes I have only tried the blending and contour brush which I really like to use for blending. My only problem with this brush is that the handle is a little short and tends to get lost in my brush pot, I would have a look at the rest of the range as I have heard great stuff.
One of the ranges I was most exited about this year was the new Revlon brush range, however I have only tried the contour brush which is amazing but I would love to try the others as well. All the Revlon brushes are on sale with £2 off on the Superdrug website.

QVS in Superdrug also has very inexpensive brushes, I find the foundation brush to be okay but some of my other suggestions sell better quality brushes.

If you live in America and Canada I would also recommend Essence of Beauty brushes, I have a couple which I really like and their double ended smokey-wide brush is great for travel. If you live in the UK or Europe and would like to try out their range have a look on ebay I bought one there for a good price.

Try The Body Shop for award winning brushes although a little more expensive they are still cheaper then most high end retailers.

Other brand which also sell brushes but which I have not tried include Gosh, Maxfactor, Ruby & Millie and Models Own.

And if you really want some MAC brushes why not wait until Christmas and buy a holiday brush set, although a little smaller in size they would be a great way to start your collection.

I don't believe that MAC brushes are the be all and end all, although they are of course great for those of you like me that can't afford them I do believe there are cheaper brushes which are still great.

What is your favourite brand of inexpensive brushes?

Sabrina X

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  1. Great post, i wil definatly be looking up about sigma and crown brushes, i need some new ones! :) xx

  2. This is such a great post! I was just thinking of investing in a new set of brushes and this has really helped! I'm thinking of buying some of ELFs studio lines brushes. xx

  3. Wow this was really helpful, I'm definitely gonna check out the Boots brushes soon :) I have a problem with being totally disorganized and loose them like crazy:)

    xoxo <3

  4. Great post - I love all the ELF, can't recommend them enough! xx

  5. Great post - I love all the ELF, can't recommend them enough! xx

  6. i always feel lost on the crown brush website as well! i think it's a bit crafty how you have to make a minimum spend of £15 too! they should definately reorganise their website for easier browsing! xx

  7. this really helped. thanks :)

    Cotton xx

  8. I gave you a blog award :D

  9. I really love the Sephora ones;) I have 4 and my collection is growing up fast ;) xx

  10. Very good! Love how you do reviews! <3 love
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