Friday, 10 September 2010

Boots No7 New 5* UVA Protect & Profect

As many of you know this week saw the release of an exciting new products for Boots No7 and I was kindly invited to attend an event all about this new anti-ageing product!
I must admit that anti-aging products aren’t really my speciality, of course I take care when I am in the sun but as I am only 18 I think it’s a little early to be worrying about lines and wrinkles.

They say:
Experts believe that up to 90% of skin aging is caused by daily exposure to UV rays and 95% of these are made up of UVA, yet new consumer research from No 7 reveals that there is currently widespread lack of understanding amongst women of the role of everyday UVA exposure in premature aging. Amazingly, 78% are unsure of the difference between UVA and UVB and 65% of women only seek out moisturizers with SPF.’

However we rarely worry about UVA and instead only use SPF which protects us from UVB rays, this is where this new product comes in with a great 5 star rating. UVA ages people where they least expect it; in their cars or even on a cold autumn day, UVA unlike UVB is around all year round. Although it is not obvious and doesn’t burn your skin it is constantly aging it!

For those of you that have realised that you have slightly worse wrinkles on the right side of your face (depending where you sit whilst you’re in the car) the reason is probably because that side of your face has been more exposed to UVA rays whilst you have been sitting in your car.

People are exposed to 20% of their annual UV exposure during Spring, 5% in Winter and  12% in autumn meaning that almost 40% of our annual UV exposure happens in the non summer months!

So how do you protect your skin from this evil UVA?
Well Boots No7 has created the first ever day moisturised that has not only SPF but also a 5-star UVA protection plus it is very light and doesn’t feel sticky like most sun creams.

However for those of you with deeper wrinkles there is also an intense range with a day cream, night cream and also an eye cream.

This product is available from Boots now and if you do pick up a jar please let me know what you think!

Sabrina X

For some more information watch the video below

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  1. Interesting article - thank you for sharing. About time UVA was taken more seriously!