Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I swear will end to soon

Sorry about the total mug shots! I can't catch the bottom of my outfit as I can't stand further back and I totally don't know how to pose!
Also I have no idea why there is a strange shadow over me, I think it was because of my window.

Shorts- Topshop

I really wanted to wear shorts and tights today as haven’t worn it in possibly 2 years so I wanted to remind myself what it actually looked like. When I was younger I use to love wearing shorts and tights but now I feel like it’s just a little out of my comfort zone. I quite like these shorts as they are highwaisted meaning no muffin tops.

The first time I wore this top was actually to the Barry M event more than a year ago but since then it has been worn very little, I do like it but it’s not totally my style. I have been struggling with footwear over the last few weeks as the only flats I actually like are boots or brogues which means I need to go buy myself three different brogues in brown, black and grey. Have you seen any nice ones which are too expensive around?

I didn’t wear a jacket as it wasn’t quite necessary and I am sure very soon I will not be able to leave the house without one.
Sabrina X

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  1. I like your outfit and how you used the stockings.
    follow me love

  2. love that top, the whole outfit is fabby xxx

  3. River Island have a wide selection of brogues in different colours! Love the outfit by the way xx

  4. Hi! New follwer...
    Cute outfit! Yay, for no muffin top, lol. I love wearing shorts with tights, just looks classic. However, the wearther here isn't cold yet, so I still have to wait until I can do that.


  5. Love the look :) specially the shirt.I hate posing too I just stand there like arghhh how do I get it all in haha :) xx