Friday, 17 September 2010

Lovea Bio l'Argan Regenerating Body Scrub

I love body and face scrubs so I was happy to receive a new body scrub a few weeks ago in my package from ‘My Pure.’ This scrub is by Lovea (a French brand) and is a regenerating body scrub with argan oil so I was very excited to try it.
Packaging wise this isn’t anything fancy at all it comes in a clear squeezy bottle and the product itself doesn’t look to appealing either. However I guess it is practical which is that’s most important thing.

The product smells sweet and nutty which I quite like and isn’t over powering, it has some gritty particles but I wouldn’t say it is too harsh if you have more sensitive skin. The argan oil is great to add moisture to dry skin but doesn’t leave a sticky film over the skin as I have found with various other scrubs.

I would recommend this product and although the packaging isn’t great I would say the product is! I really like it not only does it smell nice but it also leaves my skin feeling great. I would purchase this product and I think it is my favourite body scrub so far.

This is the second Lovea product I have tried and so far I’m quite impressed, is there any other lovea product you would recommend?

What’s your favourite body scrub?
Sabrina X

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  2. I dont waste my money on body scrubs, as all they are is sugar and oil! Just make your own with caste sugar and olive oil, or Argan oil in this case.