Monday, 27 September 2010

Monday Ramble

I know its to early to be thinking of snow but I wish I was walking through the snow in Paris!

I think Monday to me is the worse day of the weeks, not to sure why but its always the day I feel the worst but since last weeks update was quite negative I won't bore you with all the jazz.

Today was my first day at uni, well its still freshers week but I went in for an induction. For those of you asking I'm going to start a degree in Marketing with Fashion meaning most my modules are in marketing and fashion will only be a minor. I am very excited to get into the actual course especially the fashion side of it although there are only 15 other people doing this in their first year.

I have very little planned this week apart from trying to get a letter which I need to send to Portugal. I was called to do a army test in Portugal (I'm Portuguese) and then decide if I want to join the army. I think this is such a weird thing for them the Portuguese government to still have in place, I will not be joining the army and also don't want to have to go all the way to Portugal in order to explain this.

I have a few outfits I really want to wear this week but due the the cold I don't think I will get a chance. I strangely don't have to many things on my clothes wish list either apart from a pair of brown boots, I have some Uggs but I hate them!

Must get some new reviews out asap! Got the day of Thursday hopefully I will get a chance then.

Hope you have a great week.

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  1. aw sabrina paris, my last facebook status sed the same thing.. lets go there.
    think if we keep dropping enough hints, danny and mike will end up suprising us with tickets to go there!?!? lol x

  2. Its never too early to be thinking about snow in Paris! It looks magical :)

    The army thing is weird, they still do the same in France aswell. Good luck with the letter! xx