Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I didn't want to but....

Since its a rather no inspiring outfit and the photos were taken at the end of a very long day, I wasn't actually going to upload but I have no other photos to talk about.
I bought this skirt from H&M a few days ago for £5 in the sale, although I do like it I think it is quite a strange skirt. I don't really like the zips on the side as I like to wear grey with silver and the zips are actually gold but I think with my gold and black necklace it ties the look together.

Skirt + Top-H&M
tights and necklace- Primark

What would you wear this skirt with? 
I feel this outfit is very plain and boring but I am finding it hard to wear it with something else.
Sorry for the lack of posts!

Sabrina X

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. I really like it! I prefer gold above silver and i like plain outfits that are spiced up with something interesting like the skirt! very cute!

  2. I think that skirt would look great with any sort of tank top (patterned/floral works too!), or even a loose-fitting shirt, tucked in casually to create a nice contrast with the more figure-hugging skirt x

  3. I actually really like the skirt, but the two ropes in the front bother me. I would just pull them out for a better look. It is a quite simple oufit, but sometimes, less is more ;). I like it!

  4. It is strange but good strange :) I like it I like the colour/fit and length :) I'm not sure what I'd wear it with I think its kind of a casual skirt that'd be harder to dress up although it might look good with a black vest and leather jacket and heels?

    I'd probably wear it casually with a white vest and bright pair of flats probably red or something and a black jacket :)

    Your necklace is really cute hun x

  5. LOVE this skirt :) Really cute outfit. I like the black tshirt, but with that skirt you could do anything really- floral or any coloured/patterned vest top. Or you could have a detailed tshirt with plan black blazer. Lose the tights, get a shirt/blouse and wear it in the evening

  6. oo i like the skirt :)
    & i would never have put that outfit together myself but it really does look good!

  7. i have a skirt lik this, which is so hard to actually find an outfit for.. that would go nicely and stuff. i also think this skirt looks kinda sporty,,?? does that make sense!? LOL but i think u always look good as your well aware! :) :P x

  8. I would wear it with a white bag top tucked in, and then a cute little blazer! Love the skirt its different x

  9. I would wear it with a white baggy tank top tucked in with a cute cardi or blazer.. Love the skirt, its different x