Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Monday Ramble (on a Tuesday)

I am really not sure why but I don't like my posts going live late in the night therefore this week we have a slightly late Monday ramble, which is instead a Tuesday ramble.

I've actually had a good week with a few minor problems along the way. I had a little problem on Twitter last week as some of you may know but I was shocked by every ones support and I really want to say a HUGE thank you!

I think being accused of copying is a little ridiculous in the blogging community, the truth is if you write a blog you are suppose to inspire others and the likelihood is you weren't the first to do it and usually there a various reviews and tutorial which are all very similar. I would be more then flattered if someone was inspired by my post and the only time I do get a little annoyed is when people use my photos without including my link. I spend very long taking them and have spent a lot of money on a good camera to provide good quality images. It is also totally natural that I make mistakes on my blog and forget to included links or images in appropriate place or spell things wrong and I do my best to correct the mistakes as soon as I see them.

I am also almost up to date with university work but I am very jealous of everyone which is on half term! Although I have reading week soon I will actually have to do a lot of reading as I am quite behind with that side of my course.
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My plans for the next few days are to finally catch up with at least all my fashion work and attend a Halloween party maybe as Cruella De Vil. Next week I am getting the first of my wisdom teeth removed and I am very scared to say the least! I have spent most of the past few nights worrying about it and its in over a week. Plus it is bonfire night and I love fireworks!

I also need to buy a few pairs of jeans as the cold is really getting to me and I am finding it impossible to actually wear leggings or tights. I also need a pair of brown boots like these but I can't seem to find them in my size anywhere.

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  1. The pumpkin is so cool!
    I need to carve mine but i don't want to do a normal face :)
    & i hope your wisdom teeth don't hurt too much :/

  2. Don't let others discourage you. People are mean and jealous and many would do/say things just to hurt you.
    on the other hand you've got lots of blogger-friends, so you should know that you are really lucky.
    good luck at uni :P

  3. Was that Twitter "problem" about your leapord print NOTD that people said you had stolen? I thought that was quite pathetic really.

  4. It's a shame people find the need to be so harsh. Good luck with your wisdom teeth, I've had problems with mine for ages but they haven't needed to be taken out yet.


  5. Im so glad you mentioned this about people moaning about copying etc!
    Ive read a few rants this week from blogs about 'new bloggers' and how they just copy others and I think that's a bit unfair! Like you said you should inspire people.. love your blog!!

    rachel x

  6. ouch, hope your wisdom teeth won't hurt too much x