Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Eyeko Nail Polishes Pefect for Winter

I have actually had these nail polishes for a while now and have used them quite a lot. I love how up-to-date and ‘in’ the colours are even though the nail polishes are quite inexpensive at only £3.50.

These colours are perfect for the winter!
Military Polish- a khaki cream colour great for achieving on trend nails for an inexpensive price, I am sure this colour was inspired by the Chanel Khaki Vert nail polish

Indigo Polish – Shimmery navy, very pretty and very wearable

Vampira Polish- My favourite of the bunch a black nail polish with red sparkles.

Cosmic Polish- Midnight black nail polish with multi coloured sparkles, a more affordable version of the Paul  & Joe polish I recently blogged about.
They all apply really well with two coats needed for a perfect opaque cover.
But I must admit I still find the brush a little to thin and long.

Nail polishes available here

Sabrina X

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  1. The first one looks really pretty!


  2. Love the indigo polish - very pretty! I think the thin brush would be good for nail art though :)


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  5. I have an eyeko obsession at the moment. I just love them (bank balance does not)

    I'm waiting for cosmic to come back into stock as its so pretty :)


  6. they all look so pretty.. but i prefer the vampira polish hehe :D. x