Monday, 29 November 2010

Monday Ramble

  •     It ’s still not snowing in London, which leaves me a little disappointed I really do love the snow. I actually haven’t left the house since Friday when I got my second (and hopefully last) wisdom teeth removed, but judging my how cold my house is its freezing! In fact I am a little scared to have to go outside and face the cold! 
  •    I am really getting into the Christmas spirit now and have written quite a few Christmas posts, all the comments in my giveaway are really making me smile too. I might run another giveaway this week too.  I will most likely put up my decorations this week, I really try to always put them up on the 1st of December, sadly we don’t have a real Christmas tree so it isn’t something we have to worry about.
  • I missed last week’s Monday summary as it was an extremely busy week and this one seems to be going down the same route, the amount of university work, press events as well as blogging are really starting to take over and I haven’t been out in a really long time.
  •    The plans for this week are to start my Christmas shopping, write all my Christmas cards and hopefully go to winter wonderland in Hyde Park over the weekend. If you live in London and still haven’t been to Winter Wonderland I would really recommend it, the rides are a little expensive but you don’t have to go on all of them!
Sabrina X

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  1. I've been meaning to say for a while i love ur little santa hat on ur blog name =]

  2. You totally just reminded me about writing Christmas cards. I need to get started on that as soon as possible if I want to personalize them all!

  3. I love decorating during christmas! and it hasn't snowed where i live either. But i'm glad that i'm not snowed in like some people in the country!


  4. I agree with Bows and Butterflies - cute header! I love the santa hat. I'd like for it to snow here in New England as well... I want to see pretty white flakes!

  5. just found your blog and I love it! we have about a foot of snow here in Ireland! xx

  6. I went to Winter Wonderland with my boyfriend and my brother 2 years ago and I loved it, even though I spent a lot of money, I hope I can find time to go again this year as last year I was too busy.


  7. I hope you feel happier now that it is snowing in UK :)
    I left 5 days ago and I miss it already.

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