Monday, 20 December 2010

Lisa Shepherd Salon

A few weeks ago I was invited to the new(ish) Lisa Shepherd Salon in central London and of course I said yes!

I have no problem with trying new hairdressers and I pretty much let them do what ever they want (although they never change my hair very much as nothing else suits me) and I have never had any problem. I rate a hair dresser on how good the blow dry is usually as my hair is so thin it is very hair to get it looking anything but flat.
The Lisa Shepherd award winning salon is located near Goodge street and is quite easy to find, inside the salon is really nice as you can see below...
 I went in for a wash, cut and blow dry with the salons art director, Jason Cocking. He has been in the business for 15 years and worked with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Nigella Lawson and Cat Deely. As well as being the colourist on the recent Guy Ritchie film, Sherlock Holmes.

Whilst I got my hair washed (by a really nice guy whose name I have totally forgotten, sorry!) I was sitting in a chair which also massaged your back and I must say I have never been to a salon with chairs like this one! Jason didn't change my hair too much, the length was kept basically the same, my fringe was trimmed and he added more layers which weren't as blunt. He then blow dried it but kept it quite messy and I really liked it (usually I leave the hair dressers and wash my hair, so for me to like it is a big thing!) 

The pictures below were taken a while after...

I really like the hair cut and the blow dry! I would really recommend the salon and although a wash, cut and blow dry with Jason is in my opinion quite pricey the prices for stylist and senior stylists are very reasonable for a top London salon.

To book an appointment call 02074679560  or visit the website here.
There are also other Lisa Shepherd salons in the UK check website for more info.

Also you get 20% of your first appointment at the salon.
Sabrina X

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  1. That's one swanky looking salon! &You look beautiful!

  2. looks great! love the layers :)

  3. Great haircut! It looks really good on you ;).

  4. Ah I'd love to try this salon out, looks fab and heard great things.

    Gorgeous shaggy rough blow dry. Looks lovely.


  5. Really love it! Great cut it looks good on you.