Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Monday Ramble (on a Tuesday)

Not a great photo but ohh well!

How was your Christmas? I hope you all had an amazing time! I had a fab Christmas, although a lot of people were ill and I felt like I spend four whole days eating, but it was really nice to do nothing and even get a small break from blogging. I do really love blogging but I usually feel bad if I don't blog everyday but for the past few days I haven't (well until this morning)

I have been requested to show you all my presents but the truth is I can't be bothered to photograph them all. I am very grateful as I received lots of great gifts like perfumes, books and a beautiful ring. Below are a few that I did take some photos of including my Michael Kors Watch which someone asked I post about.

 Michael Kors ladies' Gold Plated Chronograph watch
Blogger decided to upload the images above the wrong way round, sorry.

I also got some vouchers which I thought I would spend on the sales so today I went to Oxford street which was totally crazy and I actually only bought 4 things. I bought two scarfs from Zara, a jumper from Pull & Bear and a mink long sleeve shirt (not on sale) from River Island.

I also looked in Topshop as there was a few thing I wanted but it was totally crazy in there! I just read Bubblegarm's post about sales and I really liked it and totally agree, click here to read it.

How was your Christmas?

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  1. I have seen a few people received Cath Kidston books and now I really want one! x

  2. Me too! I so want to get into cross stitch, I find it so cool and pretty. I would do it on the train to work. :)x

  3. The Michael Kors watch is simply beautiful.

  4. I LOVE your watch! I also went to Oxford st and it was MENTAL! Hope you had a lovely Christmas xxx

  5. that watch is lovely! glad you had a great holiday x

  6. I hate it when Blogger does that to my photos! I really can't understand why it does that. But wow, I am seriously drooling over your watch. I've wanted one in every color forever! Loves it!

  7. Loving the watch, it's so gorgeous :-) x x

  8. hi i just fllowed you! please follow me 2

  9. I love Cath Kidston books, we have all of them in the library I work in :)
    I hate sales shopping but all the good things I liked sold out online so I had to brave the shops but it wasn't too bad but then Oxford street isn't my local high street!

  10. You look lovely in that picture, and my oh my that watch is beautiful! xx

  11. *Happy sigh* I love my MK watch :)