Monday, 20 December 2010

Monday Ramble

I can barely contain my excitement! Finally i have 3 weeks of university which I can spend doing almost nothing and as an extra bonus it's Christmas this week meaning presents!

But I have been a little naughty and like always left everything to the last minute and still have LOTS of presents to buy I am just hoping they won't all be out of stock. I have a few things to buy for my friends, my boyfriend and my parents. I have no idea what to get my mother, I was to get her something she can wear so not toiletries but not too sure what. If you have any ideas please leave them below!

The snow in London is still here although it hasn't snowed any more it is just taking a long time to melt since it is still so cold. Apparently there is some more snow due in the next few days but too be honest I think we have had enough for now. I know it is affecting a lot of my reader including some which are stuck abroad or in the UK so hopefully there will be no more snow.

I wanted to also talk about what my Christmas is like and maybe this would be a great post to do it in. My Christmas is a mixture of mainly English and Portuguese traditions. For example we open all our present Christmas Eve at midnight, which I guess makes it Christmas day and then we only open the gifts father Christmas leaves in the morning. We also eat octopus (as well as turkey and other things) for Christmas lunch, which I know a lot of my friends think is weird. The rest of Christmas is spend playing games and eating with all of the family, and Christmas seems to carry on for at least two days after.

How do you spend Christmas or any other holiday you celebrate?

Sabrina X

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  1. we t ried that with my boyfriends mum alst year, bought her a cardigan as opposed to smellies and we had a sneaky suspish she returned it


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  3. the snows getting on my nerves now!

    you look lovely.

  4. we've had about half a foot of snow in birmingham, and we're expecting another foot before thursday! merry christmas xxxx

  5. heya hun, very gorguz pic of you! :) i find mum always gets happy when given a spa voucher, perhaps your mum may like something like that? or if you want to get her something she can wear I always love buying mine jewelery :)

    Aysh xoxo

  6. why not get your mum a nice scarf or something similar, it'd be great considering the weather!!

  7. I'm enjoying the blog... You have a new follower =)