Tuesday, 21 December 2010

No7 Spring 2011 Limited Edition Collection

 Next year in January No7 are releasing both a new spring collection as well as some exciting new products which I will talk about soon in another post.
The No7 spring limited edition collection actually really impressed me! Created by makeup artist Lisa Eldridge it was inspired by 1960's St Tropez and includes; an eye palette, lipsticks, gel eyeliners and two nail polishes all in really lovely packaging!
Lipsticks £10.50
Left: Grace Right: Brigitte
Pigmentation in Brigitte is a little more intense but both lipsticks are buildable.
Brigitte is a very pretty pale colour, sadly it doesn't quite work for me by itself but is great in combination with other lipsticks.
My favourite thing from the whole collection is the Grace lipstick and I love it so much and I most likely buy a back up, it is creamy, glossy and a very pretty everyday colour. This lipstick does not leave my handbag and I apply it almost everyday.
Eye Palette £12.50
Indulge in the soft shades of emerald green, sky blue, beige and soft Coral.

As you can see above pigmentation in all the colours is great, the product isn't chalky and is very easy to work with.
Gel eyeliners £10.50 
They're are not too many good gel eyeliners in drugstores next season No7 will be releasing three in blue, black and turquoise. I have the black one and think its really good and can not wait to get my hands on the blue one!
Sugar and Spice nail polish £7.50
Beautiful pastel colour nail polishes which will look great against sun kissed skin in the spring.

I will write another post about a few other products No7 is releasing soon.
I would really recommend having a look at this collection it is great quality (as always from No7), the colours are perfect for spring and the packaging is also very pretty!

Collection goes on sale 26th January-22nd March 2011 and will be available in Boots and online 

What has caught your eye from this collection?

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  1. This collection looks amazing! Really impressed. I love the packaging and I love Lisa Eldridge's videos.

  2. I love No7 skincare range :) its really inexspensive and brilliant.

    I have not really dabbled much with their cosmetics though I love the look of Brigitte lipstick and the three liners

    I have a few nailpolishes from No7 and they are O.K so I may get the polishes too haha basically half the collection ...

  3. I genuinely think I'll buy most of this collection!
    You're so lucky to have been able to try it out!

  4. i cant believe how nice this packaging is for something as simple as no7. I like. x

  5. Wow this No7 collection is really impressive! The packaging is very cute & appropriate :)

    Kaushal xx

  6. i want the pale pink lipstick! so cute

  7. Loving the lippys!! Nice spring colours :)

  8. Loving the lippys!! Nice spring colours :)

  9. Was quite interested before I saw the prices, I mean, for a few pounds more you could get mac! but very paul & joe-esque packaging! xxx

  10. Those lip colors are amazing!

    Lovely blog!



  11. I never normally look at No.7 make up, but I'm truly excited for this collection! Thanks for sharing!


  12. Definitely going to be having a look at these, the packaging is adorable and the colours are all really wearable (: Not to mention that the Boots No 7 vouchers that are constantly handed out will be great in this situation! xxx

  13. The Brigitte lipstick looks lovely and I love the cute packaging of the collection! Is the triple protection tinted moisturiser new as well? x

  14. everything looks gorgeous, love the packaging!
    I think i might have to try the brigitte lipstick it looks gorgeous!

  15. the lipsticks look gorgeous,
    and i've always wanted to try one of their foundations <3xxxxxx

  16. The collection looks so cute ^_^.
    I'm running out of my mac fluidline so i might get the no7 one next.


  17. I love your nails! How did you do that? Is that a sticker or did you paint the look on?

  18. I want these lippies & nail polishes sooo much but my local Boots & online have sold out, I'll have to take a shopping trip I think!

  19. Wow this collection look awesome. I want to try the lipsticks and the gel eyeliners :)