Thursday, 30 December 2010

Sheer and Silk Shirts

I have totally fallen in love with shirts again, I use to love flannel shirts but now I love sheer and silk shirts! I especially love the shirts which are slightly longer at the back as I think they look really nice untucked. They are everywhere at the moment and I think can be dressed up with a cute skirt but still look amazing with blue jeans.

I love Lauren Conrad's khaki shirt but think all three outfits are stunning!
Below are my three favourite shirts all quite affordable...
Topshop  Gold Button Military Shirt £35 
River Island Mink Long Sleeve Shirt £35 
Reiss Oversize Garland shirt £77

I actually own the RiverIsland shirt (which is much nicer in real life) and although I love the Reiss one I still can't afford it even on sale. I love the Topshop one but I have seen a very similar on in Primark for £11 which I am going to buy, however it doesn't have gold buttons so I will have to change that.

What do you think of Sheer and Silk shirts? 
Sabrina X

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  1. I love them! Asos had some amazing ones that I wanted! I love your RI one.. I agree with you though.. It looks better in real life! xx

  2. Love how it looks on Lauren with a pair of shorts! x

  3. I love them. H&M had sheer shirts in black, blue & khaki (like LC) but I just bought the black one since everybody else bought the khaki one =)

  4. I love silk shirts, must have about 6 or 7..just recently bought a khaki one just like lauren conrad's in the pic, from h&m :)


    follow mee XX

  5. Ah I love those shirts! I can never seem to find one that fits me the way I want however, since I'm pretty petite, so I just keep looking at how pretty they are and trying them on each and every time untill I have found the perfect fit:)

  6. Victoria Beckham looks sensational, but i agree, also love Lauren Conrads shirt!
    That Topshop shirt is gorgeous x

  7. I think these silk shirts are gorgeous, really like the black and greyish one :-) Loving your fashion posts! x

  8. Love sheer shirts, I've gotten a mink one from primark yesterday- only a tenner too. Looking for some leather leggings, or ultra glossy wet look leggings to wear it with. Topshop has a lush cream silk shirt in which I want too xxx

  9. Still on the hunt for the Primark one! It seems to be sold out everywhere, it looks great tucked into shorts.

  10. I have the primark one - it's avaliable in two colours I think, a blush/ pale cream colour and black. I bought the blush shade and love it so much I wish I had bought both! Might go back for it...!

  11. i've really been into silk shirts lately also, they just look so expensive/classy.