Sunday, 31 January 2010

Barry M lilac nail polish

I don’t really have very much to say about this nail polish as I have review lots of different Barry M polishes before; I think they’re great however there is one major flaw. They stain my nails and yes, even with a base coat on, therefore I try and avoid there brighter and darker colours.
Sorry my nails aren't very well painted.
One of my favourites is by far is lavender, it is a pure cream colour and although a very light colour you only need to coats to get the same colour as the one in the bottle. This colour is very hard to find, but I think this pastel colour would be right on trend for this spring/summer.

Mac Modesty L/S and NYX Thalia L/S

I finally bought a Mac lipstick that I really like, and one I didn’t just buy because everyone on YouTube or in the blogging community has it.
The Mac lipstick in modesty is a neutral pink in cremesheen formula. It is a ‘my lips but better’ sort of colour. It is a perfect colour for day or night; it is a very creamy consistency and not drying. This is defiantly a lipstick I need in my collection, its neutral rather than nude so it offers a non offensive colour without washing me out. I feel this would be perfect on all skin tones, and defiantly a favourite.
However if you feel Mac lipsticks are just too expensive, this is very similar to Thalia by NYX. This lipstick is slightly darker that Mac Modesty and has more of a brown undertone, they are both creamy but this does last less on the lips than the Mac lipstick. After doing some research on makeup alley I have found that many people think that it tastes of soap, in my experience I haven’t really had that problem, but maybe this is because I am not a sensitive to smells.
Have you tried either of these lipsticks before? What’s your ‘my lips but better’ lipstick?
Sabrina X

Friday, 29 January 2010

Sleek blush in Flamingo

I have loved quite a few things from sleek at the moment, their eye shadow palettes, their gel eyeliner and their blusher. I purchased this blusher about a week ago, after wanting them for a very long time I bought flamingo, a bright pink which would go well with all skin tones. This is by far my most pigmented blusher and I need to apply it with the lightest hand, or I will (as I often do) look like a clown.
The one think that stands out the most about this blusher is its staying power, it last the whole day. It is not chalky easy to blend and no shimmer at all which is what I look for. The packaging is just like the eye shadow palettes and even includes a handy mirror.
I cannot wait to try some more of these, and especially excited to try the contour kit.
Have you tried any sleek cheek products?

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Favourite Cheek Products

I keep meaning to do this post but never quite get around to it.

I love cheek products and I think they’re probably the product I need the most (apart from foundation and mascara but that’s the basics) I change blusher every day, usually depending on my mood. However for some reason I don’t have a huge amount compared to the rest of my collection. To me a good blushers is one with a decent pigmentation, that is easy to blend and most importantly do not have to much shimmer.

There are two which I would say are my absolute favourite, Benefit Coralista and Barry M Natural dazzle.
Benefit coralista is an amazing blusher and I love love love it! It is a natural peachy colour with a very subtle and pretty glow to it. I think this would complement any skin tone, unless very dark. The downside to this blush is the price tag at a very expensive £22.50, the packaging is okay but of course the card board box does get a little battered. I cannot recommend this highly enough, I also really want to try benefit sugarbomb.
When I first received Barry M natural dazzle I was very scared, I am was use to lighter and more shimmery bronzers but in fact this one is so much nicer! It has quite red undertones and not orange. Applied with a smaller brush this bronzer is perfect for contouring and at £9 it’s a real bargain. I use it almost every day and still haven’t hit pan after 5 months, it is very pigmented so a little bit goes a long way. I really want to try a few Barry M blushers any recommendations?
Mac well dressed is one of two Mac blushers that I have, it is a perfect pink, not to dark or too bright. It is perfect doll like pink with a blue undertone, which will add a natural rosy flush to cheeks, defiantly a must have in a Mac starter kit. I really want to try dolly mix and pink swoon from Mac next.
NYX angel was very inexpensive at only $5 the down side is that people living in the U.K must order them from America. This is quite similar to Mac Well Dressed although not the same, it is a soft pink with a matte finish and brown undertones, it works well with almost any eye shadow and lipstick. This blush blends really well and I can’t wait to try some more NYX blushers, any colour recommendations?

What are your favourite blushers? I am looking to try some Drugstore ones if you have any recommendations.

Have you tried any of my favourites?

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Sleek Palettes, Reviews and Swatches

When I was younger a lot of my friends were using sleek, and I never thought it was any good. However they defiantly have quite a few gems on their stand, one of them being their palettes.
Highly pigmented, long lasting, inexpensive and with a decent selection, at £4.99 for all this great qualities I think they are a great buy! The palettes include both matt and shimmery shadows, and all include one matt black.
The original palettes is the first one I bought (sorry I have no swatches) it is very pretty all colours are shimmery, and the range of colours is great.
This one is the Sunset palette, which I really like, although it can be hard to wear reds and pinks without looking tired, the different tone means there is defiantly one for you, and there is even a blue perfect for lining the water line.

Sorry the above swatches don't look great!
This is my favourite, the Storm palette; this is a great palette for people like me who wear boring old neutral colours every day. The blues and greens are even dark enough to not draw very much attention and are still quite neutral.

The acid palette has amazing, bright, neon colours as well as some more wearable ones. It has a perfect balance between matt and shimmery colours, great palette if you are a little more daring with your eye makeup

I would love the Graphite palette, but sadly I believe it has been discontinuedL
Highly recommend these palettes, available at Superdrug and on the sleek-makeup website.

Have you got any? What do you think of them?
Sabrina X

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