Monday, 31 May 2010

Barbara Daly Lipstick

Even when I am in food shops I cannot help but check out the cosmetic section, luckily I live in central London meaning that all the food shops are small and have no room for cosmetic sections.
But on Friday I went into a Tesco’s that did have cosmetics which I can’t usually get such as Wet n’ Wild and Barbara Daly. I have tried all the Wet n Wild products which caught my eye so I chose to buy a Barbara Daly lipstick.
The selection was quite good of about 16 and the price was also great at £5. The packaging is a classic black square tube but the end of the lipstick is quite odd. The end of the lipstick is square which is apparently supposed to make application more accurate and I do think it does that.
The colour ‘Sorbet’ is a pink with silver sparkles, I like that the sparkles are barely noticeable but still add a little extra to the colour, it is also great that you can’t feel the glitter as that it often very uncomfortable.

The texture is light, moisturising but quite sheer however it is buildable. It also has a light sweet smell which I love!
I would definitely recommend this lipstick, quality and price are great!

Barbara Daly Cosmetics is available at Tesco, Click here to visit her site.

What have you tried from the Barbara Daly collection? I will be trying some more soon.

Sabrina X

Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Worst Blush Ever?

From my whole collection if I had to choose one product which was the absolute worse and that I never ever reach for it would be Maybelline Dream Mousse blush. This is actually a real shame as I feel that British drug stores really lack in cream blushers and this could be a really good one.
This blush is a whipped consistency with quite a good range of colours. It is from the same range as the Dream Mousse foundation which isn’t terrible, however I honestly only have one problem with this product and that’s the glitter. I don’t really like shimmer to begin with however this product has about much colour as silver sparkles it highlights all my skins imperfections. The Dream mousse shimmer defiantly has ‘shimmer’ but at least with this product you expect to get shimmers, this does make quite a good highlighter but I don’t think it is a very natural colour.
maybelline mouse
I think this product has great potential and I would love it without the shimmer, if you don’t mind lots of shimmer in your blush then this is a good product, applies well and lasts long and it’s a great price.

This isn’t to say that Maybelline doesn’t have good blushers; I love their mineral blush I reach for it as much as my Mac blushes.

What do you think of these products?

Sabrina X

Friday, 28 May 2010

Sleek Circus Palette

Sleek is releasing a new palette named the circus palette, I have spoken about Sleek Palettes quite a lot in the past so I’m not going to review this one as the quality is just as great as the other ones.
The palette comes out next month and retails for £4.99 like all the other Sleek palettes. Packaging wise I think Sleek needs to go back to their old, black and sleek (I just had too!) packaging this bright coral and the bohemian white palette just aren’t as nice.
The outside cardboard box however were very nice for both palette I wish they would print that on the actual palette! I threw away the outside packing so am unable to show you, sorry!

Once again I found that some colours are repeated but this is a lovely palette the colours are beautiful and bright (but not as bright as the acid palette) which some perfect pastel colours for spring.

sleek circus
This palette is limited edition so pick it up as soon as it hits Superdrug’s next month.

What do you think of the coral packing?

Will you be picking up this palette?

Sabrina X

* This palette was given to me at the Sleek event

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Nars Sabrina

If there is one product I should have and almost need is Nars lip treatment in Sabrina.

Truthfully the reason is because my name is Sabrina but also because it is so spoken about online. Also I don't have any Nars products so that would be the perfect first one.

Does anyone know where I can pick one up? I have had a look on MUA but I don't have very many products I would like to swap so a website where I can buy it would be the best thing.

Thanks for all your help


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

This isn't a diet

I don’t diet… well I try but fail.

In a way I don’t believe in diets, you set yourself a time limit to lose X number of kg and then you get of your diet and start living as you did before and end up at the same weight you did before.

Therefore I don’t want to go on a diet and I don’t really want to set myself very many goals but to get fit and maybe toned. instead I want to change my way of life a little eat healthy food and do more exerise.

I’m 5 ft 7 which is 4/5 inches above average so quite tall and my weight is usually around 62kg, I am also a UK size 10. A 10 is a perfect size in my opinion not to fat not to skinny but recently I’ve been feeling fatter and less healthy and it’s time to change.

However a few months ago I thought I was going to change and actually failed, so this time I’m going to keep a little log of everything I eat and do on here.

First I’ll tell you about my usual eating habits- I eat two slices of toast every day, with butter, in college I buy pasta with chicken and salad, a packet of crisps and chocolate. When I get home about three I usually eat another slice of toast and then have dinner quite late at 8o’clock.
As you can tell this is terrible! My down fall is chocolate and bread I just love the stuff and bread is defiantly something I want to cut down on but always feel I don’t know what to replace it with. In the morning I am going to replace it with cereals but don’t know what I will eat in college instead of sandwiches. I do eat some fruit maybe 3 pieces a day but I want to bring this up to five pieces a day. I also want to drink lots of green tea as it help clear out your inside and also helps your skin.

Exercise wise I want to start running again; I actually quite enjoy it and maybe join the gym and start swimming once I buy a swimming costume. I also need to find my Shred DVD and get through that!

I’m not sure of my weight and will update that very soon but I know I have a 30 inch waist and 37 inch hips, I defiantly carry most my weight on my hips.

I want a body like this, skinny but still with some fat....

I would love to hear all your tips and ideas. Also would you be happy to hear about this quite often?

Sunday, 16 May 2010

H&M and Primark Haul

As many you have probably realised most of my wardrobe come from H&M, I love them for tops, skirts and dresses. I buy my jeans usually from Zara and my shoes, jackets and bags from all over the place. My accessories tend to come from Primark as I love to have a huge accessories collection and Primark has great prices and doesn’t go green as quick as H&M or Topshop.
At the moment H&M has some great dresses for under £15 I picked this one up for £12.99 it is very form fitting and I love the shoulder detail.
I had been after a red cardigan for quite some time as it adds a great pop of colour to outfits. I don’t usually buy cardigans from H&M as they are quite short but I bought this one for only £9.99.
I actually thought this vest was white in the store but I still like it even if it is a light blue colour. It is a very light fabric and quite long, it cost £4.99 and comes in a variety of colours. It obviously needs to be ironed!
Next a scarf which cost £6.99 which I actually thought was quite pricey, but unlike my other scarf’s it isn’t a silk like material meaning it doesn’t slip as much. It is also quite long and I think it is great to finish of a plain outfit.
Next these amazing earrings, I really love the turquoise colour and how large they are. They were only £2.99 but absolutely lovely!
The next three accessories are from Primark, I bought this turquoise ring as I seem to be loving turquoise but actually don’t like it that much, it looked much nicer under Primark’s artificial lighting.
my favourite Primark purchase is the heart ring I have been loving cocktail rings at the moment but I love that this one isn’t overly large.
The last thing I purchased was this gold chain, I love chunky gold jewellery but think I have to pair it with quite a pretty outfit in order to look like I am not stealing Mr T’s necklaces.

What have you picked up recently? Do you love H&M as much as I do?
Sabrina X

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Tinted Lip Conditioners

As my lipstick collection is growing bigger so is the list of lipsticks that I buy and don’t actually wear as I find the colour doesn’t work for me. For that reason I have been loving tinted lip balms, as I think they are great for changing the colour of your lipstick without adding a huge amount of gloss. I also love lip conditioners on days which I want to give my lips a break and not apply drying lipsticks, lip conditioners add a hint of colour as well as moisture.
Most brands now have tinted lip conditioners but I think the most spoken about ones are probably Mac lip conditioners however I don’t have any so won’t be able to compare them; instead I have two which retail for under £4 each.
lip cond swatch
Price wise they are both very inexpensive the Vaseline Rosy Lips retailing for about £1.50 and the sleek tinted lip conditioner retails for under £4, my Sleek one is in the colour ‘Raspberry SoufflĂ©’ which may not be out yet but will be out soon.

I love both products, they may not be the most moisturising lip balm I have but they are good.

What do you think of tinted lip conditioners?

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Soap & Glory Hand Food

I have spoken about Soap and Glory products before and that I find their products to be a bit hit and miss. One that I do like and would repurchase is ‘Hand Food’ which they say is a ‘non-greasy hand cream with Shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow.’
hand food

I have the smaller one which 50ml which retails for only £2.25 but there is also a larger one which is 125ml and retail for £4.50. I would say this is very inexpensive especially as Boots often runs offers on Soap & Glory products. I also like that you have the choice of a small and large one, I think that the small on is perfect for travel and the large one is perfect for keeping on the bed side table.

As the packaging says this is a non-greasy hand cream which I love as it means I don’t need to wait for it to dry in order to get on doing other things. The smell is quite a strong smell which many may not like but which I find quite nice. Also not only is this product inexpensive but a little product goes a long way.

An extra plus is that it isn’t tested on animals.

I would recommend this product, it is inexpensive, has pretty packaging and does exactly what a hand cream is suppose to do.

What is your favourite hand cream?
Sabrina X

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Caring for your Makeup

Examining your makeup, skin care products and even hair products is something that many people forget to do but that is very important. I think depending on the size of your collection you should have a quick clear out every month. First you should bin everything that is broken or that has a missing lid. There are little travel cased which you can get in drugstores which would be great for putting unfinished products which you have lost the lid to, but do this as soon as you lose the lid.

Makeup also has an expiration date which appears on the packaging of every product you buy. The sign looks like the one below and the ‘M’ stands for months.

Here is a rough guide for how long you should have your makeup for but it’s just common sense, if the smell or colour has changed throw it away and if you have had it for longer than the time below it has most likely expired so also bin it.

Creams and liquid foundations: 12-18 months
Powders and powder blushers: 2 years
Concealer: 12-18 months
Mascara: 4 months
Lipstick: 18 months
Lip and eye pencils: 18 months
Eyeshadow: 2 years
Cream blush: 12-18 months
Moisturizer: 12-18 months
Eye creams: 6 months
Sunscreen: 1 year (the protection lowers the longer it has been open)

Hope this helped, what are your tips for looking after your makeup?
Sabrina X

Summer Nail Polish: Turquoise

After the Sleek event I was given a nail polish in ‘Turquoise’. The colour is a dark mint green which is very different to the other lighter shades of mint green that I own. I was really excited to receive this colour as I has previously looked at Sleek nail polishes and been a little disappointed by the lack of bright nail polishes which they have. However they will be releasing this colour and an orange which are bright and great for the summer.

The quality of the product shocked me, I always need at least two coats of nail polish but this is a lovely opaque colour which only needs one coat. Sleek have branded this polish as a ‘quick drying’ one and I would totally agree within a few minutes it was dry.
Packaging wise I this is a pretty standard on bottle which holds 10.5ml which retails for an inexpensive £2.99.

Overall I really like this polish I think both the colour and formula is great and I will defiantly check out the other bright polishes when they are released.

This will be released sometime next month, keep an eye out for it in Superdrugs but I will let you let you know as soon as they are released.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Topshop makeup

On Tuesday I blogged about the release of Topshop makeup and on the day that it was released I went to check it out. I went to Oxford Street which is Topshops flagship store so I am sure they had all the makeup there.

The counter was really well set out but there wasn’t staff around to help which I would have had expected at least on the day of the release. There were two collections the core permanent one and the Spring/Summer 2010 one.
Here are two images which were put together for this range. The makeup in these images is very much my sort of makeup, bright lips and nails, some blush and eyeliner but very neutral eye.
The range was very good and I think it was well thought out, the price range is about £4-£12 but it has a high end feel to it. I also feel it has some products which aren’t available in this price range in the Uk such as cream blush and eye crayons.
I only picked up two products a blush and a lipstick as these were the two products which caught my eye the most. They also had shadows similar to the Mac mineralised eyeshadows however I didn’t think I would use them, the range also includes eyeliners, mascaras and skin tints.
There are six different lipstick shades but this is the only pink it is called ‘Brighton Rock’ and is a very bright pink with slight orange undertones. I haven’t worn it so I can say much about the consistency but I will review it soon. They also retail for £8 which I do think is a little expensive.

The one product that impressed me the most was the cream blush which retail for only £6. In UK drug stores I have only seen Maxfactor cream blush which are tiny and which I don’t think will be great. However these are much larger and I think I may pick up another two or three. I bought ‘Flushed’ which is like the lipstick a true pink with orange undertones; I think these will really complement each other. These do have a powdery feel to them once applied but I really love this product.
Packaging wise it is much nicer in person, it is matt white and black and feels very sturdy. The packaging is very pretty and maybe aimed at younger audience and I love that the blush comes with a great mirror.
I managed to take a quick picture of the nail polishes; they have some great on trend colours in their core collection however their spring/summer collection nail polishes had too much shimmer for my liking. This retail for £5 which is usually my limit for nail polishes so I skipped out on these too.
I also picked up this ring whilst I was in Topshop from their freedom range it was £5 and I really like it!
Overall I like this range, I think it’s a great price, great packaging and great products. My favourite are the blushes which I will be picking up more of, I would also like to try their eye crayons, mascara and eyeliners.

To see Topshop makeup tutorials click here
Click here to view the full range

Have you checked out this range? What caught your eye?

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Freebies with Diet Coke

I was recently emailed about an offer which really caught my eye. Diet Coke and Nails inc have teamed up and created four new Nail Inc nail polishes to give away. To get your hands on the polishes all you must do is pop into Boots and buy 2 500ml bottles of Diet Coke between now and 30th June.

Inspired by the four fashion capitals of the world – New York, London, Milan and Paris and even if you don’t like Diet Coke it is worth buying as the polishes usually retail for £10.50 so that is a great bargain.
You also receive the change to win ASOS vouchers!

Will you be checking this out? I know I will
Sabrina X

Monday, 3 May 2010

Summer Nail Polish: Bikini Blue

I had read lots in magazines over the last few months about ‘Jessica’ nail polishes but I still don’t know if they are available to buy anywhere but online. As I was unable to find them I didn’t have any but whilst in TK Maxx yesterday I saw that they had quite a few for only £2.99 although they usually retail for £8.95. They didn’t have a huge selection but there was a pastel blue that caught my eye called ‘Bikini Blue.’
The colour is very similar to Eyeko pastel polish but this is much better. Unlike Eyeko the packing is easy to work with the place you hold is big enough to give you full control and you also get almost 15ml. Unlike Eyeko Pastel polish this doesn’t have a duo chrome effect which is actually a plus in my opinion. Just like the Eyeko Pastel polish it does need three layers in order to get an opaque coverage but this is pretty pain free as it dries quickly meaning the layers can be applied quickly.

This colour is a very light blue and it almost feels like I’m wearing white nail polish but without looking quite as trashy(although I'm sure sometime soon I'll be wearing white polish).

Once again my badly painted nails....
I love this nail polish its very pretty and everyone who likes wearing different colours on their nail should own. I would be interested in trying more Jessica Polishes and think the darker colours probably wouldn’t be as sheer.

Do you know where Jessica Polishes are available?
What do you think of this colour?

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