Wednesday, 28 July 2010

My favourite brushes

Just a very quick run down of all the brushes I'm taking on holiday...

Left to Right
No7 Eyeshadow Blending brush, Mac 316SE, (All brushed starting in SS are Sigma) SS266, Elf Eyeshadow brush, SS194, SS219, SS150, Elf powder brush, SS187, SS186, SS88, Sigma foundation brush, SS190, SS109, Mac 116, Revlon Contour brush, SS224, SS239

All carried in my Sigma Brush Roll

I will hopefully get a chance to take you through my holiday makeup whilst I'm actually on holiday!

Sabrina X 
(Sorry about the very quick post!)

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Giveaway Winner!

Hi Girls! 
My contest ended yesterday and I just picked a winner using and that winner is... 
 I had never actually come across her blog before but just followed, she has some fab outfits!
I will be having some more contest very soon so keep an eye out!

Sabrina X

Sunday, 25 July 2010


If your lke me and you like interior design posts but find that they are often not very realistic, i came across a website today where people upload photos of their own houses meaning that they are more lived in and pratical but still very beautiful. The website is called Decomyplace and it is very inspirational! Here are a few of my favourite photos...

Click here to view the website
Hope you had an amazing weekend!
Sabrina X

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Favourite The Body Shop Tools

I must start by admitting i’m not the hugest fan of The Body Shop simply because I believe that many of their products are over priced but their is two tools/skin care accessories which I love from them and are suprisingly inexpensive!
The first is the facial buffer which retail’s for just £3 and has recieved some hype on blogs recently. The body shop say 
"A gentle exfoliating sponge to polish your skin, whilst cleansing, leaving it feeling refreshed and looking radiant. Use daily for a gentle skin boost. Particularly good for use on dry skin that needs to be exfoliated regularly, it leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth."

I love exfoliating and think this a great and gentle way to exfoliate daily, or in my case almost daily. I use it with my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish cleanser and alternate between the facial buffer and the Liz Earle muslin cloth’s as they are slighly more gental. I think this product would be great for people who have sensitive skin and that find normal exfoliators to harsh. It has helped improve the texture and appearance of my skin.  I would highly recommend this and think I will be buying on for my boyfriend who takes a very laid back approach to skin care.

The next product doesn't sound glamourous at all... its the double ended blackhead remover. I’ve had this tool for a good few years now and if your like me and can’t help picking at your spots then i think this product is great. I always disinfect mine with alchol, it means that my dirty fingers stay far away from any pimples. 

Both products retail for £3 and are available from here

What are your favourite tools which aren’t brushes?
Sabrina X

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Illamsqua Bronzer and Fat Pencil Review

Over the last few days I have been asked to do more reviews and I wish I could but I seems to have been busy doing what seems like nothing meaning that by the time I actually have time to take pictures is night time and have no natural light. Hopefully tomorrow I will get a chance to take lots of photos and write lots of posts.

Illamasqua’s bronzer in burnish is a very good quality product and a bronzer I have been reaching for regularly. The pigmentation is good and the powder is finely milled and very soft. The colour is very coppery and works well on my skin, it does however have a sheen to it which I find very pretty as it isn’t lots of glitter. if you are fair use lightly but still looks lovely on most skins fair to dark.
It is a quite expensive bronzer at £20.00 for 9g, would consider repurchasing- nice but not an absolute must have.

I don’t have too much to say about Fat pencil in ‘perverse’ it is a sheer shimmery platinum, it is a very smooth pencil which glides on and lasts quite well. I find that it doesn’t show up very well on my fair skin but would look amazing against darker skins.

I wouldn’t repurchase this colour but would definitely have a look at the other colours, great quality but the colour doesn’t work great on me.

What Is your favourite Illamasqua product? I can’t wait to try their lipsticks and blush!
Sabrina X

* This product was sent to me for review

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

OOTD: Maxi Dress

London has been given some great weather the last few days making it almost impossible to wear jeans, but since I’m getting my legs waxed soon exposing my legs isn’t an option therefore I settled for a long black maxi dress.
I spent the day doing not very much at all and went for a walk along the canal with one of my close friends, the reason there is only three not very amazing photos is because I was bitten by a bee shortly after which sent me home in great pain!

Dress- Asda, Sandals- Primark, Bag-Aldo, Belt- Primark, Accessories- Primark

How have you spent the last few summer days?

Giveaway- 1000 followers reminder

Good morning lovelies, hope your all well! Its finally the middle of the week but I felt like it was Friday yesterday. I just wanted to quickly remind you that my giveaway ends on the 26th July so you only have a few days to enter! Click here to go to the Giveaway post.

I would also like to ask those of you that are still to vote in the Cosmo blog awards to click here and have a quick read of the previous post I wrote.

Got quite a few things to do today and hopefully will get a chance to start writing the posts which I am hoping to schedule for whilst I am on holiday- I don’t want to leave you with no posts!

Hope you have a great day!
Sabrina X

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Question Of The Week

I’ve kind of missed blogging over the last week, I have been pretty busy doing not very much and haven’t had more than an hour or less each day to watch YouTube videos, read blogs and write my own posts. I’m going on holiday next week and would love to leave some post scheduled but don’t know when I will get a chance.
On to the point of this post… each week I want to ask a new question of the week, I have done a similar thing previously but as a poll this time a short comment would be perfect....

This week’s question
How many days in advance do you pack to go on holiday? 

I’m thinking two days or so this year but I think I’ll take pictures and share all my little tips on how I pack. Please leave all your tips in the comments to I’m sure they will be useful!

Sabrina X

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Animal accessories

I only just realised that over the last few days all the pieces of jewellery which I have bought have animals on them.  These three pieces along with the owl ring which I have previously blogged about (click here)
Owl necklace-Primark
Rabbit ring- Primark
Have you bought any interesting jewellery recently? 

Xen-tan Perfect Bronze Sheer Powder Bronzer

I had heard great stuff about Xen-tan fake tan and I was very excited to try their ‘Perfect bronze sheer powder bronzer.’ I expected it to be a not very nice orange heavy bronzer but I was very wrong!

The packaging isn’t the nicest, the gold and white isn’t as expensive looking as some of my other bronzers but I guess it works for the packaging of a bronzer. The product itself is a soft consistency and a medium brown colour with a very slight shimmer.

This has quickly become one of my favourite bronzers and I use it daily, like the name suggest it is sheer meaning it is quick and easy to apply. There is no need to worry about blending as it adds just a very natural bronze which is neither orange nor pink. It works perfectly on both pale skin and medium skin as it is buildable.

I would recommend this bronzer to anyone who is looking for a quick and easy bronzer which will offer a natural looking glow without looking over done. This bronzer would be particularly good for people who are just starting out with bronzer and want an almost fool-proof product.

Packing 6/10
Colour 9/10
Product 9/10
Price 5/10

Xen-tan is available online and in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser, Fenwick and Debenhams and retails for (a quite expensive) £20.95. I would repurchase this product although due to the price it would be a treat!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Boots 17 Mirror Shine Lipsticks

After hearing amazing reviews about the Boots 17 mirror shine lipsticks I was eager to give them ago. They are described as ‘a moisturising lipstick with a mirror-shine gloss’ and for that reason I wasn’t expecting anything very amazing but at £4.49 I knew I had to give them ago.

L-R: Hollywood, Flirtini and Peach

 was kindly sent three shades out of the 10, I was sent flirtini, peach and Hollywood all of which I am very impressed by.  They aren’t the most pigmented lipsticks I own instead they offer a light, sheer colour which is buildable and the best part is they are moisturising. All of the shades are very glossy and comparable to all good tinted lip balms as they also don’t last very long. 

My favourite colour is ‘Peach’ in the tube it looks like a bright orange but it strangely came out as a bright berry pink with a slight orange tint on my lips. ‘Flirtini’ is a wearable pretty pink and Hollywood a sheer red. 
Top to Bottom: Hollywood, Flirtini and Peach
My only problem with these lipsticks is how light the texture is which causes them to melt quite easily and think this will be a problem throughout the summer.

I will be picking up some more of these lipsticks over the next few weeks and definitely be using them this summer (well as long as they last the heat.) These lipsticks are available from most Boots and retail for £4.49.

Packaging 6/10
Product 8/10
Price 9/10

Have you tried any 17 products, if so what are your favourites?
Sabrina X

Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Only Guide To The New Season

For all you fashion lovers don't forget to pick up your Elle Collections, got mine today.
Also bought a few other things, will share it tomorrow!

Sabrina x

My Favourite Summer Nail Polishes

Since I am going on holiday in a couple of weeks I thought I would quickly pick 10 nail polishes which I would take with me, my 10 favourite summer polishes plus a red of course for parties and other events where yellow and green nails aren’t quite as appropriate. I thought I would also choose a orange but funnily enough I didn’t, last year orange would have been at the top of my list whereas this year I much prefer blues, purples and greens. The list is in no particular order and there is no review about each polish as I have previously wrote a review about most of them click on the link below the picture for the review… 
 Nails inc.- Spitalfields (review)
Revlon Minted (review)
Sleek Turquoise(review)
 Jessica Bikini blue (Review)
Barry M Cyan Blue (review)
Collection 2000 BMX Bandit (review)
Illamasqua Jo'Mina (review)
Barry M Berry I/C (review)
Revlon Lilac Pastelle (review)
Gosh Flamingo

What is your favourite summer nail polish?
Sabrina X

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Liz Earle Feet Care

During the summer there is one thing or I just a pair of things that I take extra care of and that are pretty much ignored throughout the rest of the year… my feet. For three months of the year they are exfoliated and polished until they are good enough to be seen out in public. Over the last few weeks I have been using Liz Earle’s foot care range and I must say I do like it.
Liz Earle's foot care range includes a foot scrub, spritzer and moisturiser to transform your feet for summer...
The range comes in a cute little bag which I have lost (sorry!) and includes a foot scrub, leg and foot spritzer and a moisturiser of course.

First  used the foot scrub and as it contains many good things such as avocado oil and wheat germ oil it left my feet feeling great. Although this isn’t a very aggressive foot scrub it gets the job done and I like to use it every week in order to keep my feet looking great.

The moisturiser is the next product I tries out and is a thick consistency but surprisingly is easily absorbed. It contains shea butter, avocado oil and there is a smell of peppermint and rosemary. I love using this everyday either just before I go to bed or in the morning before I pop on my sandals.

The foot spritzer is the one product I wouldn’t say you totally need unless you do get sore and possibly swollen feet. It includes menthol, aloe Vera, peppermint and rosemary essential oils which help refresh both feet and legs. Although this is nice it’s a product I could go without.

I would buy these products again apart from the spritzer, they smell nice and do a great job.
This is available from John Lewis, Liz Earle, QVC and online.

What feet products do you use in the summer?
Sabrina X

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Never Wear Black and Navy?

I thought I would just post a quick outfit of the day from last weekend. They say you should never wear black and navy together but that’s exactly what I done this weekend and although I don’t think this outfit is perfect I do think it isn’t that bad. I love each individual piece in this outfit but don’t think I will wear it together again; it was also an extremely inexpensive outfit with almost head to toe Primark. sorry that my photo is slightly out of focus.
 Tops, shorts and sandals-Primark

My jewellery is become very repetitive but I love these little pieces, they are all pretty individual pieces but piled up together I think they look very casual and relaxed. 
 Rings- H&M, Braclets all handmade apart from brown one.

I thought I would also share my cousin’s outfit, the sun was bright in her eyes so sorry about that. I have been looking for a white dress for ages and am very jealous that she thought of wearing a white top and skirt together and I didn’t! I love this look, and will be taking inspiration from it.

Denim Jacket- Primark, Top-Tesco, Skirt-H&M, Sandals-Next, Belt-Bhs

What do you think should you never wear black and navy together?
Sabrina X

Monday, 12 July 2010

My Summer Fashion essentials

Hi my loves, hope you all had a great weekend and that all of my readers in England had fun enjoying the great weather. Last week I spoke about my top 10 beauty must haves and today I am talking about my summer fashion staple pieces.

I would say this list varies from year to year and although all this products work for me they may not work for other body shapes. All the pieces in my list are just my opinion you don’t have to agree.
1.    Denim jackets- I also love denim waistcoats. I love them thrown over cute dressed but beware of the denim on denim combination although it was seen on the catwalk very few people can actually pull it off. Jean jacket above from primark
2.    Sunglasses- as you can tell I have more then I will ever need, I actually have 12 pairs. I don’t believe you need expensive glasses and in fact a lot of mine are quite inexpensive. Make sure you have one great pair of sunglasses and then if you’re like me buy some fun ones or just different style glasses. (sorry my glasses are a little dusty)

3.    Blazers- they are great in both summer and winter but are great as a light jacket over dresses, shorts, jeans or leggings.  
4.    Florals- I love florals in the summer whether it is tops, dresses, shorts, cardigans or playsuits it’s just a fun way to add some extra summery colour to an outfit.

5.    High waisted shorts- they might not work for some people but I love them as they can be quite dressy but still comfortable. Shorts above from Tesco

6.    Denim shorts- I do still believe that denim shorts have a place in my list, they are comfy and relaxed, and they are great for everyday in summer.

7.    Nude tops- once again this doesn’t look great on everyone but I love them, nude tops are very pretty and feminine.
8.    Wedges- I find that wedges look more summery and can be more comfortable and easier to walk in then heels. Wedges above from Matalan

9.    Flat sandals- I really dislike flip flop as I think sandals always look better! 
10.    Wonderbra Strapless bra- I use to hate strapless bras, they just done nothing for me! They were uncomfortable and made my boobs look rubbish until I got the Wonderbra strapless bra, it isn’t cheap but it is amazing. I would recommend getting it in the nude colour so you can wear it underanything.

What are your summer fashion essentials?

Also let me know if you have any requests for future posts.
Sabrina X

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