Thursday, 28 October 2010

Republic Clothes

I got a few new piece from Republic which I was quite impressed with, for those of you that don't know Republic is a British High street shop which offers fashionable clothes for quite inexpensive prices.
The first thing I got were these skinny Cargo trousers which I personally think are really on trend. This retail for only £29.99 so are quite inexpensive and come in a choice of two colours khaki and this one which is a worn grey but Republic call it Pink. I like these more then the Khaki ones I own as they have pockets on the back which I think make them more flattering from behind, I also like that this colour is more original then the khaki ones.

My favourite jumper at the moment is this cropped one, I wouldn't say its the most practical as it doesn't have sleeves and can look funny underneath some coats but I really like it! I personally like to wear it with a black body con dress underneath but you could wear it with jeans, skirt and over lots of other dresses (but please cover your tummy.) This jumper retails for £24.99.
The most versatile purchase was this tank top which at first I wasn't to fond of until I realised I could wear it with jeans, leggings, tuck it into high waisted skirts and wear it over dresses. I actually think this top fits quite well as well, often with longer tops they can make you look a little shapeless but for some reason this one doesn't. This top retails for £19.99

Republic actually has some really nice stuff and I would recommend checking out their dress, tops and cardigans! 

Sabrina X

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Perfect for Christmas- Fearne Cotton Makeup

I know Christmas isn't quite here but its only around the corner, less then 60 days to go. I thought it was time to get started with my 'Perfect for Christmas' posts where I will suggest perfect presents to ask for or to give.

Today's products are from quite a new brand which I hadn't actually tried and that's the 'Fearne Cotton' range for Boots.
The first product I tried was the 'Fearne Cotton It's All About The Lips - Purple' which comes with a small lip liner, lip gloss and lip stick. The packing for the lipstick is very pretty and I actually like every product although I don't usually wear purple on my lips. This product comes in a great size to carry in your bag and I also like that the lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss are all very similar shades.
The next product I was extremely impressed, Fearne Cotton 'Made You Look, Made You Stare' eyeshadow palette- I even like the name!  The packaging of this product is very pretty I love the skull in contrast to the pretty flowers and it all seems very well made.

The colour selection is possibly where this product is let down a little although the colours are beautiful I can't imagine wearing very many of them together. The pigmentation of the eye shadows is great, apart from with the white one and I also love that some eyeshadows are shimmery where as others are matte. Quality of the eyeshadows is also great, they are smooth to apply and easy to blend.
This palette remind me of the Urban Decay Ammo palette because of the layout, the type of packaging and some of the colours however I am sure I will reach for this palette much more (I rarely use the Ammo palette).
Overall, I think that the ' Made you look. made you stare' is a great product for just £10 and I think it would make a great Christmas present or stocking filler, I hope this range realises more of these palettes, I think I will buy them all! I would also love to try the 'It's all about the lips' in another colour such as pink but also think it is a great product.

I was very pleasantly surprised with this range and will pick up some more products soon.

Perfume Giveaway!

The lovely PR people working on behalf of the Sugababes have kindly given the chance for Three of my readers to win one of the NEW Sugababes perfume.

The three perfumes were designed by the Sugababes themselves and are called Tempt, Touch and Tease. Below I have included a some information about the ingredients and what the perfumes smell like just to tempt you!

To enter you MUST:
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  • Comment below with your email address.
  • Only one comment per person.
  • Get permission from guardian if you are under 16

You should also become a fan of the Sugababes Perfume Facebook page.

Winner will be picked using

Contest end 3rd November at 12PM

Good Luck!
Sabrina X

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Zebra nails Nail art

I might as well start by saying I was inspired by here, here and here.

After my polka dots and lepoard print nails I really want to try some other nail art but something  still quite easy and more appropiate for the winter nad so I chose to try out this zebra print in with a brown base.

Barry M Mushroom is on of my favourite winter colours at the moment so this is by far one of my favourite nail art! It was also very easy to do, first I painted my nails and waited fot them to dry, then I used an eyeliner to draw lines making some slighly longer and others a little thicker.
Then finish it of with two coats of top coat.

Hope you like this!

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Monday Ramble (on a Tuesday)

I am really not sure why but I don't like my posts going live late in the night therefore this week we have a slightly late Monday ramble, which is instead a Tuesday ramble.

I've actually had a good week with a few minor problems along the way. I had a little problem on Twitter last week as some of you may know but I was shocked by every ones support and I really want to say a HUGE thank you!

I think being accused of copying is a little ridiculous in the blogging community, the truth is if you write a blog you are suppose to inspire others and the likelihood is you weren't the first to do it and usually there a various reviews and tutorial which are all very similar. I would be more then flattered if someone was inspired by my post and the only time I do get a little annoyed is when people use my photos without including my link. I spend very long taking them and have spent a lot of money on a good camera to provide good quality images. It is also totally natural that I make mistakes on my blog and forget to included links or images in appropriate place or spell things wrong and I do my best to correct the mistakes as soon as I see them.

I am also almost up to date with university work but I am very jealous of everyone which is on half term! Although I have reading week soon I will actually have to do a lot of reading as I am quite behind with that side of my course.
Image from here
My plans for the next few days are to finally catch up with at least all my fashion work and attend a Halloween party maybe as Cruella De Vil. Next week I am getting the first of my wisdom teeth removed and I am very scared to say the least! I have spent most of the past few nights worrying about it and its in over a week. Plus it is bonfire night and I love fireworks!

I also need to buy a few pairs of jeans as the cold is really getting to me and I am finding it impossible to actually wear leggings or tights. I also need a pair of brown boots like these but I can't seem to find them in my size anywhere.

Other bloggers weekly updated to check out- Zoella, LLYMLRS and Kelanjo

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Sunday, 24 October 2010

New Sleek Palettes- Good Girl & Bad Girl

You may have heard by now that Sleek are realising two new eyeshadow palettes, I have eight now with these two new additions. The two new palettes are called 'Good Girl' and 'Bad Girl' but which personality are you?
The first thing I want to talk about is the outer box which they come in, in reality I am going to throw these away as soon as I have finished my review but I really don't like them, I think they look quite cheap and I think I would rather just a clear one like the one on the Original palette.
The palette itself is the usual Sleek black packaging which I still really like and the eye shadows now have names which I am very happy about!
Good Girl Palette
The Good Girl Palette is actually going to be limited edition so if you are interested pick on up as soon as they hit the shelves. It has 12 mineral eye shadows in different shades of pinks, corals and red, each colour is extremely pretty and slightly shimmery. This palette really makes me which that sleek also sold blusher palettes as I think most of these colours would also look great on the cheek. A couple of the first colours were a little more sheer then most of Sleeks other one but which a base I achieved quite a decent pay off.
Good Girl Palette
L-R Top row: Lychee, Meringue, Candy Floss, Lollipop, Pink Punch, Cupcake
;Bottom row: Strawberry Sorbet, Pink Grapefruit, Peach Melba, Papaya Raspberry Coulis Morello.

Bad Girl Palette
The Bad Girl i-Divine palette is my favourite out of the two, it comes with a mixture of shimmery and matte overshadows in different shades of  deep blue, black, purple and grey. The eye shadows are super pigmented and very smooth, you can achieve the intense colour which you see in the pan with a very light hand. I did find that the last few colours stained my skin a little so be sure to use a good base
Bad Girl
L-R Top Row: Innocence, Gullible, Blade, Gun Metal, Underground Noir
Bottom row: Intoxicated, Envy, Obnoxious, Abyss, Twilight, Rebel

Overall both palettes are beautiful and a great addition to my collection but I am sure I will use the 'Bad girl' palette far more since it has great winter colours.

Both palettes are realised on the 27th October (Wednesday) i Superdrug and on the Sleek Make-up website and will retail for £5.99 (the price has increased by £1.) Remember that the Good Girl palette will be limited edition, however the Bad girl palette is permanent.

Which palette will you be picking up?
Sabrina X

(Please excuse the angles of my photos as I currently don't have Photoshop)

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Just Dance 2

Last week I was asked if I wanted to review the new Wii game Just Dance 2, at first I didn't really know what to say as games aren't really my expertise but as I love singing and dancing games I agreed.

The first day I played it was at my cousins birthday party and since I had never played Just Dance 1 I wasn't to sure what to expect. Setting it up and getting started was easy, the menu is set out really well and you are given lots of clear options.
You can play with 1-8 players which is great! I played with just four at a time but we kept changing players, the great thing about this game is that anyone can get involved. Our youngest player was 4 and oldest was 40 but really even some 70 year olds could play it. My brother and boyfriend who usually play football and action games also really enjoyed it and we all played for over 8 hours!
The song choice was great (you can even download more online) and the different genres of dance were also great. This game got my whole family not only playing a game together but also being active and laughing together.

I would really recommend this game to anyone that likes dancing games or that enjoys playing games in groups, this is the a perfect game to keep children entertained during the half term or to play with all your friends. This would even make a great Christmas present which all the family could enjoy together.

What your favourite dancing game?

Friday, 22 October 2010

Leopard Print Nails

For a while I have been looking at lots of different nail art and been feeling very inspired, yesterday I decided to try out leopard print nails but in different vibrant colours.
I chose to go for Barry M Cyan Blue and painted an opaque coat over all my nails. 
I also squared of my nails simply because I think they look neater this shape.
Then, using a colour which I felt looked good with the blue I painted small dots all over my nails. I chose Illamasqua Jo'mina however I don't think this was a great brush for dots and therefore my dots were far from perfect.
Then using a liquid eyeliner I drew three small lines around each dot, this was quite messy but bare in mind that this was the first time I had tried this. I would recommend trying to do slightly curved lines and also to fill any large spaces with small dots.
I got this eyeliner idea of Gem, click  here to view her blog.

Then I added two coats of top coat making sure to cover the end very well.

I quite like this nail art but will be trying some more. I hope you enjoyed the post and will be trying it yourself, let me know if you have any questions.

Sabrina X

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Shades of Fall- 17 Gemstone

Boots 17 has released a new collection of Fast Finish nail polishes in shades of gems perfect for autumn and winter. I tried out the colour Gemstone which is a raspberry red colour and which I actually really liked it.
I won't say that this nail polish last very long but everything else about it is great. You can achieve good coverage with one coat, it applies well and it dries very fast which is always a great plus. I will reach for this colour every time I need to paint my nails in a hurry.
However I did find that due to the small bottle the top of the applicator was quite hard to hold and I didn't have the greatest control but the applicator itself is a great size and shape.

This nail polish retails for the bargain price of £2.99 for 8ml and is available from most Boots.

Sabrina X

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I didn't want to but....

Since its a rather no inspiring outfit and the photos were taken at the end of a very long day, I wasn't actually going to upload but I have no other photos to talk about.
I bought this skirt from H&M a few days ago for £5 in the sale, although I do like it I think it is quite a strange skirt. I don't really like the zips on the side as I like to wear grey with silver and the zips are actually gold but I think with my gold and black necklace it ties the look together.

Skirt + Top-H&M
tights and necklace- Primark

What would you wear this skirt with? 
I feel this outfit is very plain and boring but I am finding it hard to wear it with something else.
Sorry for the lack of posts!

Sabrina X

Monday, 18 October 2010

Monday Ramble

I have been feeling extremely tired this week and I am starting to wonder if its normal. In all honestly I haven't been terribly busy but always seem to get home and go straight to bed meaning I haven't blogged very much which really annoys me!

I have been struggling some what with university mainly with the fashion side of my course as I feel we haven't been given the greatest guidance instead we have been told to put together a concept board and I have no idea what a concept board is even suppose to look like. I also haven't started my sketch book, I heard that having white paper in a fashion sketch book is considered unprofessional, is this true?

I am hoping to start a series of interviews with different fashion bloggers and need to email some and ask if they are interested. I also have quite an exciting idea for a Christmas giveaway and I have actually started buying a couple of bits and bobs to included, keep an eye out for the giveaway next month.

I am also really enjoying using my camera although I don't totally now how to use it yet but I am still learning. I have only had it for a week but here are a few of my favourite images of the week...
 Still my favourite album- Drake Thank me now
 I bought and installed my new wireless printer all by myself!
 New images on my wall, images from here
 A list of to do's for my blog in my messy handwritting
 My face on a good day
 Yummy sea food!
My cousins birthday cake made by my cousin.

Have a great week!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Matalan Video shoot

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to observe and event help at a the Matalan catwalk video shoot. I was very excited as it something I have always wanted to do, I had a great time and would love to do it again!

Sadly I arrived a little late and missed the part that I was looking forward to the most which was makeup and hair. The makeup artist was Maggie Hunt (which is actually the aunt of a very well know Youtuber) and Peter Beckett was the hairdresser, they both done an AMAZING job!

I actually missed the steaming but when I got there I got the chance to help dress the models and make sure each model was wearing the right shoes, accessories and outfit. It was actually far less crazy then I thought it would be, instead it was well organised and everything went really well.

The stylist was Nicole Smallwood who made each outfit look perfect, although Matalan did have some great pieces!
Final touches by hairstylist Peter Beckett
I love Matalans accessories especially the rings!
Great inexpensive footwear from Matalan
It was also great to see Catherine from Perfectly Polished again & it was great to meet Becca from Fashion Train and Vicki from Magpie Girl.

I must visit Matalan very soon as there are some bits and bobs which I need in my wardrobe especially some shoes!

I had great fun and it has made me realise even more that I definitely want to work in fashion when I leave university.  
Thank you so much for Matalan for giving me the chance to attend this event!

Check out the rest of my photos here on my Facebook

Sabrina X

Friday, 15 October 2010

When Boredom Strikes...

When boredom strikes paint gold dots over your nails!

We all know that when it comes to applying nail polish I am pretty messy, so lets look past that.
A few days ago I decided to add gold dots over my light blue nails and I quite liked it.

It was my first try meaning the dots are not prefect but I think after a bit more practice they could look quite good! I might even try it with some other colours.
As you can see I left out one nail as I kind of feel it make it a little different and that all five nail could actually be too much. 

This was super easy! I used Eyeko nail polish in Pastel polish and a gold Barry M liquid eyeliner, I found that this way was much easier then using a nail brush- just make sure you use a top coat to keep the nail polish in place.

I actually hear about this technique through Gem- check out her tutorial here

Sorry this is a little messy, but why not give it a go? 
What other nail art do you like?

Sabrina X

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