Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Eyeko Nail Polishes Pefect for Winter

I have actually had these nail polishes for a while now and have used them quite a lot. I love how up-to-date and ‘in’ the colours are even though the nail polishes are quite inexpensive at only £3.50.

These colours are perfect for the winter!
Military Polish- a khaki cream colour great for achieving on trend nails for an inexpensive price, I am sure this colour was inspired by the Chanel Khaki Vert nail polish

Indigo Polish – Shimmery navy, very pretty and very wearable

Vampira Polish- My favourite of the bunch a black nail polish with red sparkles.

Cosmic Polish- Midnight black nail polish with multi coloured sparkles, a more affordable version of the Paul  & Joe polish I recently blogged about.
They all apply really well with two coats needed for a perfect opaque cover.
But I must admit I still find the brush a little to thin and long.

Nail polishes available here

Sabrina X

Monday, 29 November 2010

Monday Ramble

  •     It ’s still not snowing in London, which leaves me a little disappointed I really do love the snow. I actually haven’t left the house since Friday when I got my second (and hopefully last) wisdom teeth removed, but judging my how cold my house is its freezing! In fact I am a little scared to have to go outside and face the cold! 
  •    I am really getting into the Christmas spirit now and have written quite a few Christmas posts, all the comments in my giveaway are really making me smile too. I might run another giveaway this week too.  I will most likely put up my decorations this week, I really try to always put them up on the 1st of December, sadly we don’t have a real Christmas tree so it isn’t something we have to worry about.
  • I missed last week’s Monday summary as it was an extremely busy week and this one seems to be going down the same route, the amount of university work, press events as well as blogging are really starting to take over and I haven’t been out in a really long time.
  •    The plans for this week are to start my Christmas shopping, write all my Christmas cards and hopefully go to winter wonderland in Hyde Park over the weekend. If you live in London and still haven’t been to Winter Wonderland I would really recommend it, the rides are a little expensive but you don’t have to go on all of them!
Sabrina X

Quick Christmas craft

Last year I had cut out lots of different Christmas tree’s out of different fabric and never got around to doing anything with them, then I realised I still hadn’t put up any craft tutorials as I had planned to so I thought I would share this super quick and super easy one.
This craft is perfect for children but could also be really fun for adults, although I would recommend decorating your trees a little more than I did, but I might decorate mine soon.
All you will need is:
  • All purpose glue
  • Ribbon
  • Felt (or other thick fabric)
  • And 15 minutes of your time.
Start by choosing the correct length of ribbon.

If you are going to hang it of something you may choose to make a hoop at the top possibly bottom of the ribbon.

Then using a template or even a cookie cutter, draw and cut out the amount of trees (or a different shape) out of your fabric.
Place the cut out shapes evenly along the ribbon, when you are happy glue them all down.
Wait a couple of minutes for it to dry and then they are ready to be hung. If you have some extra time why not try decorating them?
You can also make this to hang horizontally, as my younger cousin did with the one above. You don’t have to stick to Christmassy colours or even just trees try stars or candy cane shapes. You may also need to iron them lightly; the above one really does needs to be ironed!
Do you like my fairy lights? They are from Ikea and I love them!

Would you like to see more crafts or are you not really interested?

Sabrina X

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Perfect for Christmas- Paul & Joe

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to attend the Paul &Joe bloggers event in central London.
I had always loved the Paul & Joe beauty packaging but hadn’t actually used any of their products, and of course I like the fashion line too!

At the event Paul & Joe’s global makeup artists Craig-Ryan French spoke about his experience with the brand, his beliefs behind makeup and told us how he was the makeup artist for the Saw films! 

Sadly I had to leave early and missed some of the event but I was really interested in his philosophy on 
beauty = balance and how you should use symmetry to create a perfect look.
We also had a look at the new limited edition holiday collection- The Holiday Sparkles Collection 2010.
They eye and lip colour set is a perfect Christmas gift, it comes with ‘Sheet Music Shadow’ which is super thin sheet music with beautiful and pigment eyeshadows which last about 30 applications.

It also comes with a Luxury Lip Rouge and vintage style makeup bag; there are two sets to choose from adagio or allegro. (£30)
Also in the collection are a pressed powder compact which is also limited edition but is refillable and five nail polishes. 

I tried the Orchestra(005) l nail polish which retails for £9 but comes in very pretty packaging. This colour is prefect not only for the holiday season but for the whole of autumn/winter!  It’s a dark navy with festive glitter. 

 This collection is available from Asos, Harrods and Fenwick.

What do you think of it? Isn't the packaing beautiful!


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