Monday, 24 January 2011

Affordable Brushes- No7

I always get lots of questions about makeup brushes; the most common is if there are any inexpensive brushes I would recommend and although there are a few good brands many are only available online. Hopefully over the course of the year I will be able to show you a range of different brands that make more affordable but still great quality brushes.
No7 makes a range of brushes that has all the basic brushes you need and although I haven’t tried all of them I have tried a good few and some of the brushes are greater than others.  The brushes are all a decent length but still quite easy to travel with, they have a black handle with a gold ferrule. All the brushes are clearly labelled with exactly what they are designed for but of course you can use them for other things.
Directional Powder Brush £17.36
I don’t have too much to say about this brush as I don’t apply powder too often, it is very soft and gives me great control when applying powder. Yet, I do feel it is quite pricey and I think there are a few more inexpensive brands that would do the same job.
Powder Blush Brush £11.23
I both love and hate this brush! I love the shape and the size, it is perfect for placing blusher on the apples of you cheeks and even small enough to contour with if you’re careful. However, it sheds more then all of the other brushes leaving my face covered in little stray hairs, it is also not quite as soft as the other brushes.
Concealer Brush £7.66
This has become my favourite concealer brush for under the eyes, it is bigger and more dense then all the other concealer brushes I own making it easier to conceal larger areas such as under the eyes. It has a tapered end making it good for around the eyes however it is too big for covering singe small imperfections.

Eyeshadow Blend & Contour brush £6.64
This is often compared to the MAC 217 brush however I don’t own it so I can’t compare them. It is very soft and applies powder eyeshadows really well, it also washes very well even though it is white! I would recommend this brush especially if you have a £5 off voucher, it is very affordable.

Eye Colour Brush £6.64
This is quite a small brush which is also very soft, it applied eyeshadows well especially cream eyeshadows. I also like to use this as a lip brush after I have lined my lips.

Essential Lip brush £6.64
This is a square lip brush which I think is great especially for making the cupids bow perfect!

Precision Eyeliner Brush £6.64
This is a great affordable eyeliner brush, perfect to get both a thick and thin line, perfect to use with the new No7 gel eyeliners.

Overall, I do think some of these brushes are worth checking out especially if you are on a budget. I wouldn't say they are the best brushes out there but they do the job, I have heard the foundation brush is great but I haven't tried it.
What are your favourite inexpensive brushes?
Sabrina X

*Some of these products were sent to me for review purposes, this doesn't affect my review. It is all my honest opinion. 

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  1. I've never bought a no7 brush (to be honest, i've never really been a fan of any of their products) but I like the eco tool brushes and the elf bamboo ones!
    And of course, my MAC brushes! <3

  2. I really like the concealer blush, perfect for applying and blending it to a semaless finish.

  3. Never bought a No7 Brush,
    maybe its about time I spent my No7£5 voucher on them!

  4. I've got the No7 concealer brush and I've never looked back! They're perfect bargains when you get the £5 off Boots voucher!
    Love the blog :) xx

  5. A friend recommended Body Shop brushes to me when my Superdrug ones started to leave bristles on my face because she said hers last forever. I bought 2 and I have to agree - they are so soft and do exactly what I want them to do! xx

  6. Def will be buying some of these brushes with my £5 vouchers lol.. Bargain :)

  7. I love the eyeshadow blend and contour brush! It's really soft and bendy so it's great for blending, especially in the crease area. I seriously don't understand why people pay ridiculous amounts of money for brushes when you can get great brushes like these for a fraction of the cost.

  8. I really need to get some new brushes, and I am on a bit of a budget so I might look into these, thanks sabrina!

  9. I recently bought the concealer brush and I am in love with it too :) I have to try out some more. x

  10. I decided to use my No7 voucher to buy some of their brushes which I quite like, and I really want the foundation brush! The reviews online seem v. good :)

  11. I totally agree with you about the blusher brush! I do like using it, but I feel as if the quality is not what it should be. I recently purchased the ELF studio blusher brush and I really dislike it, so I will be sticking with my No7 one ;)

  12. i like this post!you do some great reviews!!
    well i must admit i use mac's brushes so i spend a few money but i am used to those!
    check mu blog out if u like!

  13. I've just bought the eyeshadow brush but I havn't had a chance to use it yet!

  14. I bought the concealer brush with my £5 voucher then got another voucher a the till so went back & bought the eyeshadow brush (cheeky! lol) & loved them both, definately worth a try with the vouchers