Friday, 21 January 2011

Collection 2000 Big Fake Mascara

I had been wanting to try Collection 2000 Big Fake mascara for a while as I had heard Pixiwoo talk about it quite a lot and use it in their tutorials. I tweeted and asked what people experience had been, most people said it was good but not amazing but at only £5 I had to try it for myself.
Collection 2000 claim that this mascara 
"New Collection 2000 Big Fake False Lash Effect Mascara provides sensational lashes that really stand out from the crowd. The unique 3D lash coating tube technology will plump and stretch each individual lash without clumping or smudging. New Big Fake False Lash Effect Mascara also introduces the biggest brush yet from Collection 2000, and with new slim line, sleek and sexy packaging, it’s perfect to pop in your purse for a stylish pick up for your peepers! New Collection 2000 Big Fake False Lash Effect Mascara is set to re-create the false lash look with the mere wave of a wand. Achieve phenomenal length and volume! Available in black, ultra black and brown."
The brush on this mascara is huge! Personally I like big brushes but if you do have shorter lashes I think you would find it hard to apply this mascara. The packaging is quite nice nothing overly amazing but still very nice and sleek for under £5.
I bought the mascara in black although it does come in Ultra Black and brown. Although this isn't the colour Ultra Black I'm sure you will agree it is still very dark and I don't think there will be a huge difference between this and the Ultra Black.
I do like this mascara, it does add some volume and length, I also love how black it is! I don't really like that it is a tubing mascara as I think it doesn't add quite enough volume and I don't think that their claim to a False Lash Effect is accurate. 
It is waterproof and does last a whole day on me although I wouldn't say it holds a curl very well and my mascara does look far more impressive when first applied.

Would I recommend it?
Yes, at £5 you can't go round and its definitely worth a try! I think its perfect for day time and even night but if you are looking for amazing volume then maybe its worth using a different mascara (something like MF 2000 Calorie) I think this is the best mascara for under £6 and one I think I will always have in my collection.

This mascara is available from Boots, Superdrugs, Asda, Tesco ETC and retails for £4.99- A total bargain!

Whats your favourite inexpensive mascara?

Sabrina X

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  1. It looks amazing on your eyelashes! xx

  2. wooow.... i like this mascara :)

  3. ive been meaning to try out this mascara, and your review just gave me the last lil push to go and get it!

  4. I really want this mascara but I have about 15 tubes to finish up first :( Believe it or not my favourite cheap mascara is the one in a squeezy tube from primark for £2. The formula is quite dry but it really lengthens and separates nicely and holds a curl.

  5. I love this post! :)
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  6. I also like big brushes for my lashes, they give a more velvet imprression. I don't know if I can find this brand here. But i definitely must try.

  7. I've been wanting to try out this mascara since pixiwoo mentioned it! I can't believe it's only £5 too - bargain! apparently it dries out quite quickly, but then again you can't really complain considering how well it works for the price!


  8. Your eyelashes look GAWWJUSS

  9. it looks great for the price! definitely going to try it xx

  10. I have been meaning to try this mascara, but I have so many tubes at home I cant really till I have finished them...

  11. Looks fab!!

    Sadie x

  12. U have so long eyelushes!!

    xoxo ;)

  13. Wow, it's really black isn't it?!
    Great blog- now following.
    Zoe x
    My blog, DiamondSolitaire

  14. My mum actually won this mascara and gave it to me as i needed a new one. At first when i saw it i was like yep, this is gonna be a really good mascara. the packaging looked good, the brush was a bit to big. But anyway, it was a horrid mascara. Everytime i would go to school, i would come back with big black panda eyes. It doesn't even last an hour. And because this happened i was looking for a new mascara. When i went into SuperDrug, i saw this £1 one by MUA, and i thought, well its only £1 so if i dont like it, it doesn't matter. Anyway i have been loving the MUA one and i would extremely recommend it, it last all day and doesn't flake or ware away! And it does come with lots of product inside the tube.
    - Hope this helped