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Giveaway! Dr Organics- Parabens and SLS Free Skincare

I avoid cutting a pasting press releases straight on my blog for a few reason; usually they are a bit long with information that you may not find terribly interesting and because it means that it would be similar to other blog posts. However I was recently sent a really interesting one for a new line being released by Holland and Barett with lots of information which I can't say any better so I will copy and paste below

"Could the ingredients in cosmetics cause cancer?
Oh no, not another cancer story” you might say. From fruit and veg to finger length (seriously) it seems like barely a day goes by without something being linked to either causing or preventing cancer.
But what role do our beloved cosmetics have to play in all this? And could they really cause cancer?
Using beauty products is a normal part of daily life, with the average woman using 12 products per day - adding up to around 175 chemicals. However the effects of some of these chemicals may be not just be skin deep, but may be affecting our health.
What are parabens used for?
Parabens are added to everything from food to skin care to deodorants. They come in different types and are essentially preservatives to give products a longer shelf life.
What do they do?
In 2004 a study in the UK found that when applied to the skin (as opposed to eaten) parabens may seep in and accumulate in the body’s tissue. This is significant when you consider that in the same study, 19 out of the 20 cancerous breast tumours examined contained parabens.
Dr Phillipa Darbre, who led the study, said “This is the first study to show their accumulation in human tissues. It demonstrates that if people are exposed to these chemicals (parabens), then the chemicals will accumulate in their bodies."
"Detection (of parabens) in human breast tumours is of concern, since parabens have been shown to be able to mimic the action of the female hormone oestrogen."
Oestrogen is thought to stimulate the growth of most breast cancer tumours and so any chemical that acts like the female hormone may increase the chances of developing breast cancer.
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)

What is SLS used for?
SLS is a harsh detergent first used as an industrial degreasant to clean garage floors but is now found in most shampoos and toothpastes.
What does it do?
SLS strips the oil layer off skin; irritating and eroding, leaving skin rough and pitted. In fact, the chemical is often used in clinical studies to deliberately irritate the skin so that the effects of other substances can be tested.
SLS has a low molecular weight and is easily absorbed by the body. It builds up in the heart, liver and brain and can cause major problems in those areas.

Paraben and SLS free skin care
More research is needed to give us conclusive evidence of the affects of these substances. But whilst the majority of retailers continue to stock products containing these chemicals, Holland & Barrett has removed all SLS and paraben ingredients from its entire beauty range.
The Dr Organics range, stocked exclusively at the health food store, is completely SLS and paraben free, contains no harsh chemicals or preservatives and is made using organic ingredients.

Personally I think that all this information is extremely interesting and I will try and avoid using product which do have Parabens and SLS however I think it will be quite hard to cut it out completely. SLS are usually just found in Hair care and shower products and no so much in Cosmetics but I do think the less chemicals you sue the better.
If you want the chance to win a set on Dr.Organics then you will be happy to know that I am holding a giveaway!

To enter: 
Comment below with what you think about Parabens/SLS being used in cosmetics?
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Hope you found this post interesting! 
EDIT: Please note that all statistics and claims were copied from the press release and it does state that 
'More research is needed to give us conclusive evidence of the affects of these substances' 

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  1. mmm I love Dr Organic lipbalm - I'm allergic to literally everything in the world so love these products. Enter me please!

    Lauren @ Lauren Loves... xxx

  2. generally speaking I've never worried about Parabens in cosmetics but I have started getting rid of them in as much as possible - I've been trying out paraben free shampoos alot - not 100% sure what I think so :)

  3. Hey sweetheart! Gorgeous Giveaway.
    Thanks so much for thinking of us :)

    I love orange packaging, I'm actually strangely obsessed. These products look beautiful!

    I would just love to be entered please :)

    I don't know a great deal about Parabens/SLS, but from what I have just read from you, I think we are better off without them!!! If I had the choice anyway. Even though they are not too damaging in one go to the skin, I think think they can be really damaging enough over time! I want to really avoid these. Thank you for letting me know!

    My email address is: brittanylove@hotmail.co.uk

    Love Britt xxx

  4. I think it's great you're doing this giveaway!
    I've been concerned with parabens for a while now, and am trying to not use them often, if not at all.
    I find it surprising how many showergels and shampoos use them, when I look at cheaper products, that have none at all!
    I recommend weleda and cath kidston, for great products without parabens, but you never know, I might soon be recommending this!

  5. I must confess I knew nothing of the dangers of parabens and SLS until I started reading blogs last year! I really think cosmetic companies should try to avoid using them, but as that looks unlikely then perhaps consumers need to be made more aware of what these can do to you! I find it so difficult to find face washes that don't contain SLS, I'm convinced if I could find some then my skin would be better, so I'd like there to be a bigger range of SLS-free products available in drugstores.


  6. I think they're hard to avoid completely unless you want to limit yourself to a few brands. Now, it's less difficult to avoid parabens and SLS in hair and skincare but in cosmetics - not so much. Neither are things I particularly look for in my makeup or skincare but I've dabbled with SLS free shampoos with quite disappointing results unfortunately. We all would like to think the things we apply to our skin can only be good for it and sadly it's not the case...but I don't think the effects are bad enough (in the short term) to stop us all using products containing parabens/SLS etc completely.

    Fantastic post, it was a great read. Thanks!



  7. I'm not worried about parabens/sls at all. I've had Cancer and the bit of the press release about causing Cancer REALLY upset me. I don't think it's the time or place for unfound Cancer research.

    If they where that bad would we be allowed to use them? I'd love to be entered, but I'd love it if you could revise your blog post as it's scaremongering :(


  8. Gosh you sometimes wonder if the bad effects of these things are exaggerated, but I think given the choice everyone would rather be on the safe side and use things that are as natural as possible.

    I would love to enter the giveaway

    karen s

    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  9. It's a great idea with Parabens not being included!
    I've never even knew about them till your post, so thank you for that! :)


  10. Until recently I never really knew what SLS or Parabens were, but now I'm actually looking for products without them, so this would be great to try!

  11. After hearing all the arguments against parabans, I would deffinatley rather stay clear, I try to get products without parabans but sometimes you kinda have to because so many products have them in :(

    Great post. Please enter me :)



  12. @Jade I didn't mean to upset you and I have made it very clear that More research is needed to give us conclusive evidence of the affects of these substance, but it does claim that there have been some links when research was done. I am happy to email you all the information I have about the research. X

  13. Im not totally against parabens. however I try to use natural products as much as I can

    thankyou for entering me

  14. I try not to use products which contain SLS or parabens and now I'm abit of an ingredient list junkie! It's getting easier to find products which are free of these and there are some great brands which are 100% free of these such as Naked, Good Things, Organic Surge and of course Dr Organics and they are all of good a quality, if not better, as products which aren't free from parabens and SLS.

    I did a post about these on my blog a while ago if anyone wants to take a look: http://craftykarla.blogspot.com/2010/08/product-awareness-parabens-and-sls.html

    But please enter me!



  15. I'm not even joking when I tell you that I was researching why Parabens are bad for us earlier!
    I really think companies need to make more of an effort to not use them.. Recently I've been reading what ingredients are used in stuff before I buy them.. :)

    Enter me please love!
    lipglossandleopardprint@hotmail.com xx


  16. i try to avoid products with them in, its difficult...i have very sensitive skin and some products i am ok with and other i am not...it probably because of differant chemicals used.

    Great Informative post!!

    Enter me please i have never tried these products and would love to see what they are like!!

    gfc: stephanie cummins
    email: stephmcuk@yahoo.co.uk


  17. i have to admit i don't really know a huge amount about them, i've seen blog posts on products that are free of parabens and SLS but i've never really known why that's a good thing. now i know more about it i'll try to choose products that are better for my skin!
    my email is gibbigan@gmail.com

  18. Great giveaway!
    I knew how bad parabens can be but never really went out of my way to check the ingredients of products. Sometimes it just seems so hard to find what you want with safe chemicals.
    I think I'll start making more of an effort of checking now though.


  19. I've been cutting out products with parabens and SLS and my skin has improved greatly - less breakouts and less redness woohoo!

    roshnip19@hotmail.co.uk xxx

  20. I had no idea about what SLS or parabens were until a few years ago, but sadly in Spain there aren't many alternatives yet so as soon as I moved to the UK in 2009 I started using less chemicals in my cosmetics and I haven't looked back!

    my email is patricia84 at gmail dot com

    i have tweeted about this too :)

  21. have to admit I never really thought let alone worried about it. But I really like natural products from Lush etc. so it's probably a good thing


  22. I have recently been trying to phase out SLS and parabens in my hair and body products, hoping it is going to make a difference to my sensitive skin and help my colour last longer.

    Enter me please!xx

  23. I never actually realised what dangers there are of parabens as i wasnt entirely sure what they were.


  24. I'm not that worried about parabens but I suffer from perioral dermatitis (sexy) and I find that SLS (and fluoride incidentally) aggravates it. So I often look at products and try and avoid using too many that include SLS.

    Great giveaway, thank you! xxxx


  25. Great giveaway.
    I have been aware about Parabens and SLS's for a while now, and i'm trying really hard to buy more organic beauty products that don't have of the nastys in. It's just really difficult in finding good alternatives.


  26. I never realised this about SLS before, I'll definitaly be making more of an effort to avoid it now!



  27. never realised before - steering clear!

    enter me lydialeeholloway@talktalk.net

  28. I try to minimise the amount of products i put on my skin, but having a bit of sls and parabens doesn't affect me too much. I'd rather they didn't, but so many products have them, it's not much of a choice!


  29. Hi Sabrina,

    I have heard about these little fellas mainly on youtube, everybody is raving about staying healthy and not using lots of chemicals. I have to admit though that I've not been very careful with the ingredients in my skincare products but reading so much about it I might actually have to try and stay clear.

    Would love to try Dr Organic products so please enter me in your giveaway!


  30. Hi!
    I've heard of SLS and parabens before but didn't really know much about them, it's bad that they are used so often but to be honest I don't really think about it when I'm buying something.

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  31. I've never really been aware of them to be honest but your ppost has really made me more aware. Thank you for highlighting it!


  32. I deffo think its a great idea! this line really freaked me out ' parabens may seep in and accumulate in the body’s tissue' oh dear :S


  33. I try to keep the use of SLS and parabens to a minimum in the products I use where possible. However I won't not buy a product just because it has these chemicals in. I think more brands seem to be catching on and are making no parabens/no SLS products, so that's good.

  34. I've been thinking about trying something from this range for ages!

    I don't worry about parabens at all - I think these days we became obsessed with eliminating practically anything that can even have a potential of harming us in any way possible. I find it a bit bizarre.. As for sulphates - not sure if they are what makes my skin so tight after showering, but I am almost certain that it has been les of a problem since I started using sulphate-free shower gels. So there! ;)

    My email is: olga.gotkowska@gmail.com

    Have a fun Sunday! xx

  35. i first found out about SLS and parabens a while ago, and after reading about them i decided to use natural alternatives!

    My body isnt made up of chemicals so i don't see the need to slop them all over my face/hair/body!

    I haven't tried dr.organic before, id love to give it a whirl if i win! :)


  36. I have started using SLS free shampoo & conditioner. I really don't like the thought of it & other chemicals in my cosmetics, especially ones that I will be using on my face. This giveaway is fantastic, please enter me!! nicolamcc82@gmail.com xx

  37. Enter me please.

    I'm not too worried about parabens and SLS - everything gives you cancer nowadays, including eating too much red meat, so why fuss about the small change? Having said that, I admit I have purchased some products specifically because they're free of those ingrediants, but I rotate them with my other favourites - I won't exclude something I enjoy based on the ingrediants list.